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YakSnacks: Uni Night @ Susuru

Sophie Jaggers recaps Yak Media’s latest club Yaktivity: Uni Night @ Susuru Ramen and Gyoza!

Yak Media has an eye on a sweet student deal, that popped up on our social feed not long after the Semester 2 commenced. So what does the Herd do when they see uni student discounts? They create a social night Yakivity!

This was my first ramen experience, and I was unsure what to expect. I’d heard various opinions within the Yak Media team, ranging from “amazing” to “an otherwise delicious meal placed in water” (the latter hadn’t had ramen before either). I didn’t know where I’d sit on this ramen-loving-spectrum.

However, Susuru certainly did not disappoint. Starting off with a hot salty bowl of $5 Edamame which is always a good way to warm your stomach up for ramen. Delicious, filling (and adequately water-based) at a uni-friendly price, you definitely get bang for your buck. Susuru also had a variety of options for our vego Yaks, who opted for the Vegan Curry Donburi. As well as delicious (and affordable) meals, Susuru also offer several drink deals on uni night, such as cocktail jugs and vodka slushies. So of course, we grabbed a soju cocktail jug filled to the brim with strawberries!


Susuru Ramen and Gyoza, located on King Street, is Newy’s first restaurant dedicated to ramen and gyoza. Offering a diverse range of ramen and gyoza options, Susuru also serves a variety of Japanese dishes such as kara-age wings and donburi. 

Sound pretty good? Find out how you can become involved in more of our Yaktivities here!

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