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Winners of UON Band Comp release latest Music Video made by UON students

What do you get when you combine indie-rock band Cooks & Bakers and the creative talent of UON students? Sophie Jaggers covers the latest music video release from the Newy-based band.

Newy-based band Cooks & Bakers have been steadily gaining prominence across the Australian music scene. From two of their tracks being featured on Triple J to sold-out shows at the Cambo, their “dreamy laid-back lyrics” have attracted a wide-ranging fan base throughout Newy and greater NSW. Comprised of drummer Finn Ellem, and UON students Nathaniel Duggan (Bassist), and Campbell Ross (lead guitar and vocalist), the band have amassed 400,000 streams on Spotify and have traveled the NSW coast selling out shows and supporting acts such as Luca Brasi, Thundamentals, Boo Seeka and E^st.

“…the dreamy laidback heartbreak of the lyrics…Cooks & Bakers bring the vibes to your ears, letting you know that they got this shit covered. For fans of Ocean Alley, this may be your next big crush.”
– Triple J presenter Nkechi Anele

Since winning the Band Comp at Bar on the Hill earlier this year, the band quickly took advantage of one of the prizes; a music video in collaboration with UON media production students!

This latest project of theirs, for their featured single ‘More Than Friends’ which has over 16,800 streams on Spotify, was completely filmed, directed, scripted, designed and edited by the talented UON students of CMNS2040 Music Video.  The group of 9 UON students; Sean He, Brittany Writer, Harriet Townsend, Jacquelyn Richards (director), Kia Renee, Mason Ellis, Rhoyce Nova, Samuel Edwards and Varshaa Murali, with the assistance of their course coordinator Stuart McBratney produced this masterpiece, which fuses vintage and retro aesthetics as a backdrop to the feel-good track.

The best part? The band was so stoked with the results!

“Massive shout out to you guys, the clip turn[ed] out amazing.”
– Cooks & Bakers (via Instagram)

The song ‘More Than Friends’ is about trying time and time again to get your crush to pick up on subtle cues that you leave for them to discover your love. The music video and the lyrics of the song exaggerate this meaning by portraying obvious and over-the-top displays of affection and disclosure of love. However, although the cues are obvious they still fail to pick up on the signs and signals. The video cleverly communicates this by costuming the band as mimes, characters who are stifled in their ability to communicate and be understood. 

You can watch and listen to ‘More Than Friends’ here.

Feature Image by Cooks & Bakers.

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