Republic Now

There is absolutely no reason why our government should answer to a foreign monarch, writes ...

No Republic Here

As royal fever sweeps the country, Levon Rush looks at Australia's status as a constitutional ...
Health & Wellbeing

Chocolate & Avocado Mousse

Avocado in Mousse? Madness? Nutrition student Amber Sewell-Green shares an unusual gluten free and vegetarian ...
Lifestyle & Culture

Review: NOW + 4EVA – Architecture in Helsinki

Architecture in Helsinki pops back onto the indie scene with the release of their latest ...
Health & Wellbeing

Snickers Smoothie

Nutrition student Amber Sewell-Green shares a delicious Snickers smoothie recipe.
Uni Life

What’s On in Week 7

Yak TV presents What's On for Week 7 at the University Of Newcastle.

Cryptocurrency explained

Jesse Cranney explains the world of BitCoins, LiteCoins and DogeCoins - cryptocurrency.
Uni Life

Toga Party 2014

Yak TV presents the 2014 Toga Party at the University of Newcastle.
Health & Wellbeing

Dating tips

This week Yak TV tackles dating at uni, giving some tips on both what to ...
Uni Life

Yak Magazine April 2014

In this issue of Yak Magazine, the team investigates piracy, genetically engineered babies and male ...