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Types of People Living on Campus

The Veteran Loyal A fountain of knowledge Very patriotic This is the resident who has ...
Uni Life

Types of People at The Library

It is the end of the semester and let’s face it, most of us are ...
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5 places you must travel to in your lifetime!

It’s the end of the semester and we’re all ready for the break. If you ...
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Endometriosis, the silent, debilitating disease

March is officially Endometriosis Awareness Month. Marcie Cheers investigates what it is and what it ...
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Getting Ready in the Dark

Have you ever had to get ready in the dark to avoid waking up your ...
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Tutors IRL

Life at university is tough enough already, the last thing a student needs is an ...
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International Women’s Day 2019: The Fight for a Gender-Balanced Society

What is International Women’s Day and its fight about? Elizabeth Symington investigates what the day ...
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Festival X | Yak Rewind

Yak looks back at this week’s hottest trending topics.
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To the Brennan Room Pianists

Elizabeth Symington waxes poetically about her love for the humble piano players of the Brennan ...
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How to support a charity when you’re broke

Is your lack of funds stopping you from being the philanthropist you want to be? ...