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Uni Life

Clubs You Missed at O Week

Settled into your semester but suddenly realising you actually need some hobbies and human interaction ...
Uni Life

Honest Tips For Surviving Uni

Survived O-Week but not sure what’s next? Jack Moran has some real tips on how ...
Yak TV

Whats On? | Semester 1 2018

Not sure what's coming up? Yak has you covered with all of UON's upcoming events ...
Yak TV

Getting Medieval At Uni | Clubs and Societies

Hear ye! Hear ye! Yak TV used some kind of new-fangled witchcraft called a camera ...
Health & Wellbeing

Study Drugs: a Chemical Cure to End-of-Semester Syndrome?

Students are turning to ‘study drugs’  for the end-of-semester grind. Nikola Jokanovic talks miracle pills ...

UON and Fossil Fuels: Can we cut our coal ties?

Shea Evans investigates just how interconnected our university is with the mining sectors and chats ...
Yak TV

Painting Solar Panels with Professor Paul Dastoor

With the world in the middle of an energy crisis we are constantly looking for ...
Uni Life

No more beers at Bar On The Hill

Sophie Austin investigates why the iconic spot to grab a drink during the week is ...
Yak TV

NeW Space | Have Your Yak

Gabe chats with UON students in the NewSpace building about the University's latest addition.
Yak TV

What’s On Semester 2 2017

Yak TV’s guide to all the social events, parties and other great stuff happening at ...