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Groovin the who? An outsider’s perspective

Bridie O’Shea throws on some boots and crystals in an attempt to assimilate into the ...
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Review: Night Shade – Lanie Lane

Lanie Lane’s new record Night Shade is a mix of old and new, writes Sarah ...
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Review: This is All Yours – Alt-J

Aisling Philippa chills out to Alt-J’s newest album. The best way to describe Alt-J‘s second ...
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Review: My Way Home – Berias Masseque

Emily Burley talks to talented singer-songwriter Berias Masseque about his latest musical offering, My Way ...
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The Beards at Bar on the Hill

The Beards visited Bar on the Hill for a special night of beardtastic joy in ...
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The Start of Stardom: Vancouver Sleep Clinic

From submitting a local demo on the internet to travelling to international festivals and headlining ...
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Working for The Holidays

Jasmine Burke speaks to Simon Jones, front man of The Holidays, about what they have ...
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Review: If We Don’t Leave Now – De`May

Jasmine Burke talks to novocastrian singer-songwriter, De`May, about her debut album.
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Review: Himalayan – Band of Skulls

Band of Skulls' album Himalayan suffers from predicability, writes Lauren Gross.

Chasing the Australian dream

People from around the world are seeking better lives in Newcastle, writes Emily Burley.