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Circle – The Local Network

Rebecca Males downloads the latest social media app that promises to revolutionise the way we connect online.

The Circle app

Within the past week, this naughty little app has been spamming mine and everyone else’s Facebook notifications. After a mass of complaints, Circle CEO Evan Reas has vowed to sort out the spam in this potentially insightful new app.

The idea is based on building a network of news in your area, rather than on who you know. So, for Newcastle, you’ll be able to see the results of Newcastle Jets’ latest game, what’s on in Merewether tonight, and the trending topics for other Novocastrians.

Seems great, right? I’m travelling at the moment, and theoretically, this should be really helpful in finding things to see and do.

Well, it’s been 24 hours. I posted an About Me of “Rebecca. Exchange Student”, and so far this has got 7 likes, all from blokes. People are yet to update me on where to be eating tonight, or what is the ‘local news’ at my current location, Burleigh Heads. But I’m certainly not short of company, should I actively seek it.

Who knows, maybe people will actually start using it regularly (it is currently number one in the app store), or it will just turn out to be Tinder’s creepy uncle, showing up to the party when no one invited him.

I’m staying on for now, and I’ll keep you posted on my local network*.

*sounds a bit dodgy, it’s not meant to.

Image: Tanya McGovern

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