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Top Toga Tips

With Toga night on the cards, Yak thought we’d supply some handy hints regarding tying your toga and accessorising like Caesar. TOGA!

Scene from the 1978 film Animal House
Image from Total Film

1. DO NOT BUY A SHEET. Get yourself down to Spotlight, and buy about four metres of plain fabric. Cheap as chips.

2. Grab a handful of safety pins on the way out – you’re gonna have an easier time with them than tying multiple knots.

3. Finally, learn to tie your toga like a real Greek/Roman American.

4. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually get in free if you flash. Undies are a pretty safe bet in this case.

5. Go for glory in a leafy green garland… or just grab some leaves from the side of the road on your way there

6. You could actually go all out, and see if any of your mates fancy lifting you up on a chair into BOTH, 90210 style.

AnnaLynne McCord, 90210Image: The CW

But you could probably achieve a similar effect with a piggy back and some gold leaf.

7. It doesn’t have to be a white toga. #alltogasarebeautiful #equality

8. When you wake up regretting the nights decisions, there are some fantastic uses for your little toga togs:

a. Rip it up, instant duster.

b. A tablecloth (if it’s not ingrained with eau de Tooheys)

c. Continue to wear it until someone actually believes you’re the real Caesar.

Most importantly, enjoy your night!


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