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Famous Faces of Instagram

Famous instagram accounts

Rebecca Males takes scroll through Instagram’s visual culture and shares some popular accounts.

They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. Well, they used to say that. It’s now 1000 Insta followers.

First there was Big Brother. Now there is Instagram.

There are a lot of talented people on this social networking site; however, there are also a lot of people who would definitely apply to Big Brother had Instie not been invented.

Here we pay tribute to the talented ones, and the… others.

Dan Bilzerian

In case you missed it, Instagram’s most famous playboy Dan Bilzerian threw a porn star off a roof last week. We wish we were joking.

His feed is generally a stream of boobs, alcohol, helicopters, cars, more boobs, guns, and money. This has garnered him 1.8m followers.

Jen Selter

Arguably the most famous ass on Instagram – it has 3.3m followers, and Jen was recently featured in Vanity Fair. Fair play to the woman. She’s also the lady behind seltering.

Jenna Marbles

If you haven’t seen Jenna’s How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking vid, you’re excused to leave for 2.4 minutes.

Follow for cute/hilarious pics of her dogs, Kermit and Marbles, and Jenna generally looking swell.

Eelco Roos

You know those people who put your finest DSLR photography to shame with an iPhone? Yeah? Well @croyable is like all of them, combined, at once.

He’s a Dutch photographer, and only uses his iPhone to take pictures for this account.

Follow if you want to feel severely lacklustre about your future career as a photographer.

Johanne Shuebl

Ah, how the other half live. Then there’s how this guy lives – beautiful fiancee (Olivia Palermo), a lot of travels, and a dress sense that should be obligatory in most countries.

Nikki Sharp

So apparently she was a model at one point, now she’s a fitness guru (natural progression apparently. First model. Then pick a field. Slam ‘expert’ after it).

Either way, she’s very pretty, and a lot of people swear by her 5 Day Detox.

Expect yoga on a mountain top, zucchini pasta and a lot of “inspirational” quotes.

Leandra Medine

Aside from the fact she dresses unbelievably well, and runs a successful blog about it, Medine also seems like a genuinely nice person.

Her unconventional perspective makes her a breath of fresh air in a feed of fitspo, #whatihadfordinner and duck selfies.

Do you think I missed any accounts out? #dogsofinstagram? Let me know!

You can follow Rebecca Males @theunilass for insights into an English student’s life aboard.

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