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5 things students didn’t know were available to them

Jackson Langford helps you keep your cheapskate lifestyle by informing you about the things you don’t know are available to you.



The general stereotype of students is that we are all desperately poor and lazy, and frankly this stereotype is anchored in truth. We’re willing to literally scour the ground for any sight of a coveted gold coin but at the same time we really just want someone to give it to us as to ensure minimum effort on our behalf. But, contrary to what some students might think, the big, bad, capitalist world is actually swinging us some opportunities that you might not even know about. So put down that Mi Goreng and pay attention to this bountiful list of things students didn’t know were available to them.

Microsoft Office

Now I’m not saying I spent $120 on Microsoft Office when I bought my new laptop, and I’m also not saying I suffered a mild heart attack when I found out afterwards that Office 365 is available to UoN students for free, but it is, and I did. Microsoft Office is the backbone of any university student and the fact that we can get it 100% free of charge is awesome. Think, with the savings, you have more than enough to grab 40 Bakehouse sausage rolls and nothing is more important to a UoN student than the Bakehouse.

1TB of free storage on OneDrive

Losing your assignment thanks to a faulty hard drive or USB stick is the epitome of a student’s nightmarish hellscape. However, UoN is hooking you up to accommodate for that as well. OneDrive serves as a cloud that is perfect for you to back up assignments, photos and whatever else you damn well please. It’s accessible no matter where you are and is even available to you after you graduate!

Free legal advice thanks to UNLC

Thinking about run-ins with the law isn’t really something that crosses the average student’s mind too often, but given the 5th season of Game of Thrones is about to start and I can practically feel you aching to torrent, now might be the time to begin. Thankfully, the University of Newcastle Legal Centre (UNLC) is willing to give all you future jailbirds free legal advice on a range of topics (something that should not be taken for granted).

The NUSA Fruit & Vegetable Co-op

A common whine heard by students across the land is that eating healthy costs too much. If you ever stop trying to convince yourself that the Big Mac you’re devouring is the only option you have, NUSA are at the ready to help you out with bountiful fresh produce. For a mere $20, you can get a box full of fresh fruit and vegetables! In no time, your Instagram will be full of green smoothies and general #fitspo, and you get the small bonus of living a healthy lifestyle as well.


Dying for that schmick denim jacket on ASOS but finances are just coming up short? Sitting at Grill’d, wanting some of their phenomenal chips but are only finding silvers under your lounge? Life has got you covered, as outlet upon outlet are willing to help out students with generous discounts. Apps such as Unidays and Pokitpal exist where everyone’s favourite phrase, ‘*insert number here* percent off!’ is commonplace and you can feel free to treat yo’ self to a small aspect of an indulgent lifestyle for which you so desperately wish to lead.


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