Trekking for Nepal

Madeleine Leeming fills us in on some brave boys doing their bit for the Nepalese in need.

Trekking4NepalWhile the majority of us spent the 25th April commemorating the services of Australian and New Zealand soldiers and enjoying a drink with mates, the same day marked a terribly devastating disaster for the Nepalese. At around 11:56am, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake ripped through Lamjung, Nepal, affecting the lives of millions across the country.

Currently, the earthquake has claimed over 7,500 lives. This number is expected to increase as rubble continues to be shifted. Not only has this earthquake uprooted and destroyed the lives of millions of people across the country, but it also presents serious health risks for those affected.

As a result of the earthquake, more than 500,000 children in Nepal will be in need of a vaccination against Measles and other diseases. As well as this, there are currently around 1.7 million Nepalese children that are in need of urgent humanitarian aid.

According to the United Nations, 8 million of Nepal’s 28 million people have been affected by the earthquake, with the next three months ensuring an extreme demand for water, food, tents and medication.

The Himalayan country already faces adverse poverty, inadequate infrastructure and incredibly low employment rates, and as a result of this disaster, the toll on the economic landscape is devastating.

With over 600,000 homes destroyed, the need to help and support in a multitude of ways is very much real and accessible for us. The earthquake has already seen support efforts emerge, with Bathurst CSU student Jack Thomson and friend James Tatham founding an organisation called Trekking4Nepal. The concept is to raise $10 for every life lost in the quake. Adding to this, the boys have pledged to walk one kilometre for every ten lives lost (and are inviting anyone that wants to join along the way). At present, the boys are looking at embarking on a walk in excess of 750-kilometres across Australia.

Whether or not you are in a position to donate a large or small amount of money, every small bit will help contribute to saving lives and helping those that are in such desperate need. Sharing posts on social media, creating buzz about the support that’s out there and rallying to encourage such causes are all useful resources that are at our fingertips. So dig deep, whether it is financially or emotionally, and help contribute to a country that is in such desperate need right now.

For more information on Trekking4Nepal you can head to their website here and see their video here.



Images: Trekking4Nepal


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