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5 Interesting Spots at the Ourimbah Campus

What makes UON’s Ourimbah campus unique? Neha Lalchandani unveils the top five spots on campus that will impress you.


The University of Newcastle Central Coast Campus is a small and friendly campus that is nestled amongst beautiful bush land in Ourimbah. The more you explore the campus, the more you’ll fall in love with its simplicity and uniqueness. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 spots (not in order of any liking) at Ourimbah Campus for you to traverse and experience likewise.

1) Ourimbah Gym Clinic

If you’re looking for a place on campus to maintain your exercise routine, then the Ourimbah Gym Clinic (O.G.C) is the best spot for you. Located in the Exercise & Sports Science Building, the gym has been developed for students and staff as a dedicated space to focus on health and fitness on campus and it’s absolutely FREE! Being very well facilitated with all the fittings of any commercial gym with change room facilities including hot showers and lockers, you will find it easy to work out before or after class. So get your cardio, strength and flexibility workouts going with all the friendly staff and crew that will be available at the gym. You can check out the O.G.C Facebook page for regular updates on opening hours and weekly challenges.


2) Oral Health Centre

The Oral Health Centre is a student teaching clinic located in Ourimbah campus. The clinic provides services such as comprehensive oral examinations including diagnostic X-rays, oral hygiene and periodontal treatments including brushing and flossing instructions, mouthguards and fissure sealants for preventive treatments, and even comprehensive dental care for children and adolescents. All services are provided under the supervision of registered oral health. So if your teeth ever feel funny, simply head on the centre and book an appointment. And never fear, for the staff and students are ever smiling and amicable.

oral health

3) Campus Health Bar

One very interesting and convenient food spot in Ourimbah is the Health Bar that serves a variety of healthy food and drink options for you to enjoy.  If you are looking to grab a quick breakfast or lunch before (or perhaps during) your lectures in the main theatres, then the health bar is the perfect place for you. From smoothies to salads to falafel wraps, you will be fulfilled! And if you’ve got some left over dinner to warm up or a Cup-A-Soup to prepare, feel free to use the microwave and hot water urns provided by the Health Bar for your convenience.


4) Forest Walk

To make your walks to classes more interesting, the Forest Walk offers the bridge for you to stroll along amongst surrounding trees and lush greenery while taking in a breath of some fresh air. I am a firm believer in the power of fresh air bringing about fresh perspectives, and this forest walk on campus definitely makes this possible!


5) The Quad that changes

The Quad that changes (as I call it) is a vibrant quad that always seems to act as an outdoor gathering place for students and staff. Being bare in winter, blooming in spring, vivid in summer and lustrous in autumn; I’ve adored this spot so much that I’ve captured its appearance during each of the seasons. Hence, feel free to jubilantly lounge under the sun with friends after your practicals, meet lecturers on the crisscrossing paths or take a well-deserved five minute break throughout the day at this lively social spot that’s located between the science labs and offices.

P.S. If you’re lucky, you’ll even spot Roger, the resident rooster.



Photo credits:

Image 1: Ielyzaveta Ivanova

Image 2: Ourimbah Gym Clinic

Images 3, 4 and 5: Ielyzaveta Ivanova

Image 6: Neha Lalchandani

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