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#24hourlibrarychallenge – live blog

Owen Harvey attempts the #24hourlibrarychallenge. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.


8:17am – Since March, a certain internet provider (*cough* Optus *cough*) has been providing our home in Birmingham Gardens with less-than-adequate service. That is to say, no internet at all. Because I spend much of my waking hours online, I found this to be quite an inconvenience, so I’ve found myself spending most of my days at the library, using the wireless for work and play. During one of my visits I wondered what it would be like to take full advantage of the library’s services by spending an entire day in there. So, seeing as I have no immediate commitments, here I am, live-blogging my experience of spending 24 hours at the University of Newcastle’s Auchmuty Library. Follow my adventures on Yak’s various social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please give me ideas of things to do, haha.

9:36am – One idea I had of something to do while I’m here is finding love. I’m going to try to obvious path of UON Love Letters first, but if that fails I may try actual human contact. Wish me luck.

9:46am – Will also be accepting applications to go on a date through Yak’s various social media. Pic included:


I’m buying snacks if anyone wants some.

10:03am – I’ll be upstairs for the next hour if anyone wants to win some snacks.

10:18am – Okay, I’ve sent pictures of Nicolas Cage to all the printers in the library. If that doesn’t convince people to visit me, I don’t know what will.

11:42am – 3 and a half hours in and I’m realising that not even offering free food will entice people to talk to me. Physical human interaction is my only option if I want to avoid the hermit path. This would probably be more entertaining if I was taking videos so I will amend that soon.

12:21pm – Haha! I beat a guy called Daniel in chess. Take that!

12:37pm – In case I came off as a dick, I just wanted to say thanks and well played.

12:53pm – Venturing back inside to charge the ol’ laptop.

1:11pm – Okay, new brilliant idea. I’m going to leave nice messages hidden around the library. If you find one, be sure to tweet/insta/facie it with the tag #anonymousencouragement. Hope you have a great day.

1:45pm – Something I appreciate the library for is how easy it is to be totally invisible. It is totally possible and very easy to put in your headphones, find some cranny and hide away for hours on end, and I have done so on many occasions. I see so many acquaintances I’ve made over the years that walk by without so much as a casual nod. Sorry, just rambling as a way to pass the time. Maybe after today I will be able to prove once and for all that I may be the least productive person alive.

1:49pm – I s’pose I could work on those assessments due next week… nah, later.

2:15pm – Gotta catch up on television. Starting with Community. This latest season has not been the worst, but it has been a bit too madcap for my liking. Hey, I can talk about anything here. But I will try to be entertaining.

3:05pm – I’m honestly not sure what I should be blogging about. It’s really not the most thrilling challenge ever. Okay, let’s try a social experiment. I’m going to watch Nyan Cat at a reasonable volume as long as I can until someone says something. That should be mildly entertaining.

3:15pm – 5 minutes, 41 seconds before someone was annoyed enough to ask me to stop playing the dulcet tones of Nyan Cat. Interesting result, may have to repeat experiment to increase validity of the method.

3:58pm – Mood improved after visits from friends, who were encouraging of my quest. I think I will try to get some work done now so I can chill later and see who gets raped next on Game of Thrones. Also, I remembered I brought a fake moustache. What can I use that for?

4:01pm – JUST 16 HOURS TO GO, OH BOY.

4:59pm – Hmm, I feel somewhat obligated to update this every hour or so but I can’t really say much is going on. Perhaps I’ll only post when I have a profound thought or revelation to share. That probably does not include the research proposal about self-directed learning I am working on at the moment. But, just so I’m not wasting your time, did you know that there was an Emu War in Australia in 1932?

5:43pm – I noticed my love letter has been posted, but there’s no way she’s still around or even noticed/realised it. One day, my love. Until then, I am still totally available *raises eyebrows suggestively*

6:11pm – I haven’t even read any books since coming to the library. Shows what its main function is nowadays; a communal space where students can access free wi-fi.

6:46pm – I have decided I will fully commit to doing work again after 9pm. I hope you are enjoying this tragic insight into the mind of a rationalising, procrastinating student. I imagine this is all too familiar to many of you. Distractions abound, even when spending time by yourself.

7:39pmEat your heart out, Masterchef.

7:42pm – I regret not acting as an elevator operator when I had the chance.

9:15pm – I have not been doing well at my whole “talking to people” mantra. Bah, I don’t want to talk to people anyway.

I’m over halfway through the challenge now, and I think the insanity will start to leak through soon. Will break out the energy drinks soon. Still tossing up whether naps are cheating. It’s not as busy as last week, which is what I was hoping for. Finished Game of Thrones also, and I think Sam was my favourite part of the episode. Anyway I will strive to be productive for the next few hours, unless I have any super-important insights to share.

9:57pm – It’s actually so tempting to “cheat” and sleep through the next ten hours or so. Better have some Mother to quash that temptation. On a related note, why is the coffee machine in the AIC perpetually out of order?

10:13pm – The only reason I can provide for doing this challenge is “because I can”. That may not be the best reason to have for doing something. But it’s not the worst.

Still, I’d appreciate a medal or something once I’m done. Maybe a Walkley for cutting-edge journalism. Actually, maybe anyone who reads this blathering deserves a medal. You are witness to a man pushing himself to a minor limit for no apparent reason.

11:38pm – I know I shouldn’t be complaining because I am literally the only person putting myself through this, but I’m booooooored and I don’t even know what I’m writing at the moment.

11:39pm – That was obviously an important thought to share.

12:02am – And then it was tomorrow.

12:03am – Noticed at least 4 people call it a night now midnight has passed.

12:31am – If you’re interested to know what I’ve been listening to while I’ve been here (an who wouldn’t be?), a highlight would be Kasabian, who I can’t help but compare to Oasis or The Verve.

2:00am – Shenanigans

2:17am – Please don’t judge, but today I have eaten a 2 packets of chips, chicken noodles, a Kit Kat, a Boost bar and some nuts. And now Skittles. That’s healthy eating for ya.

2:55am – Been watching Six Feet Under, and this is basically my life right now

3:07am – After being alone on the bench for several hours, a guy has come in with a suitcase full of books and papers. An actual suitcase. I feel so inadequate. The cleaners also come around this time, just so you know.

 4:03am – Seven other people still here. I should ask around what people are doing and why they are here at this time, but I feel that would be just a bit weird or awkward.

5:19am – They’re doing a Point Break remake? That is some bullshit.

5:28am – I wonder how regular these other five people are. I’m feeling just a bit delirious. Disappointed I missed out on making a 4:20 post.

5:51am – Yep, definitely overdue for rest. But just a few more episodes of Six Feet Under.

6:19am – How I feel right now –

6:22am – More people are coming in now. They probably think it’s early or something. They know nothing.

6:51am –

7:27am – God I need to brush my teeth.

7:59am – Well, that was a way to spend 24 hours. Do I recommend it? If you like to challenge yourself, and you have nothing better to do, sure, it is possible. But there are countless more productive, fun, sociable things you could be doing. I enjoyed having a bit of an audience to my spectacle, but I can’t help but think about how I squandered my time. So I’ll end it there, until the next stupid challenge idea comes along. It’s time to breath some fresh air. Pack ‘er up boys! #noragrets


  1. Ash 25 May, 2015 at 10:26 Reply

    Go up to people who are talking and shush them while creepily making eye contact. Get someone to film you 🙂

  2. elnelsoandsmitty 25 May, 2015 at 16:07 Reply

    Totally agree about Community, if I’d read this while still up at the uni I definitely would have seen this spectacle live.

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