Ten reminders you’re a uni student

 Jackelyn Bassett takes you through the ten moments when you are undeniably a uni student.


  1. Strategically choosing the most filling dessert and drink to go with your $7.50 Bakehouse deal to save you from being hungry in an hour and splurging on snacks. (It’s the muffin and Oak milk guys, I’ve already done my research.)
  2. When the smell of a free BBQ coming from the Auchmuty courtyard is almost as exciting as the words ‘assignment extension’.
  3. Stalking someone to their car to snatch their coveted car park (this may or may not involve rolling down your window and creating a verbal contract for their park).
  4. Saving every document 270 times because you know how real the pain is when you lose an almost-finished assignment two hours before deadline.
  5. Being able to recite the URL of every online voucher website and being more than comfortable making the Maccas employee wait for you to find your free small chips voucher.
  6. Being able to instantly snap out of a mid-lecture mental hibernation when the words ‘surprise test’ or ‘group assignment’ are mentioned.
  7. Acknowledging that adding vegetables to your diet means adding the dehydrated vegie sachet to your 2-minute noodles.
  8. Being thankful to the parents of the Endnote creators for giving birth to such time-saving superheroes.
  9. Having an unwritten housemate code that the period of time between 11pm and midnight on the night when an assignment is due is a time to switch from speakers to headphones and avoid large downloads on the Wi-Fi.
  10. Realising a new appreciation for 24hr Kmart and other understanding establishments that have provided printer ink and study snacks at 3am.


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