Fat-shaming comedian falls under weight of the Internet

Jackson Langford weighs in on Nicole Arbour’s fat-shaming video.


Earlier this week, this video (TW) surfaced on the Internet. For those who don’t wish to endure all six minutes of utter bigotry and stupidity, let me break it down for you: Canadian “comedian” Nicole Arbour went on a ridiculous rant about how “fat shaming” isn’t a thing, and if it is a thing, then it’s a good thing.

After you let that one sink in, you’ll probably won’t be surprised that Arbour has played off this scathing rant as “satire.” The internet responded accordingly:

“It’s not necessarily the video,” Meghan Tonjes explains in her vlog. “It’s just the mindset I find really upsetting, even if it’s done for, like, satire or comedy, which this just isn’t. I find it really harmful.”

Fellow YouTuber Grace Helbig also weighed in on the matter:

“To me, it looks like you’re using a controversial, personal subject to leverage subscribers and attention in a really negative way.” Helbig said.

“Comedy can be amazingly powerful and positive,” Helbig adds. Meanwhile, the Jenna Marbles wannabe that is Nicole Arbour, seemed to be throwing around mean comments as opposed to trying to make anyone laugh.

Her account was suspended, then put back online, then suspended, then put back online, then suspended again before being put back online once more. After the ordeal, the thing Arbour took from it was this:

Really? Really? That is what you got from this?

To be fair, Arbour raised a decent point about how if she was a guy, people “would have LOL’d and moved on by now.” This is true – female comedians are judged by different standards than their male counterparts.

Be that as it may, Nicole Arbour, regardless of what her intentions were in making this video, she has done more harm than good. However, it seems like it has all come back to take one giant bite in her ass.

Image via Youtube.

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