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Apps every uni student needs

Lauren Gross gives you the run down on the apps that will make uni life a whole lot easier.



Flashcards are a great learning and revision tool, but who can be bothered to physically make them? Not to mention, what a waste of paper after the exam, when you throw them out. This is where Anki comes in. Anki enables you to create digital flashcards based on your study notes on download, a pre-existing set based on the general area of study. You can select what flashcards you got wrong and these cards will appear more often to help improve your knowledge of the areas you have struggled with.


In my experience, the average uni student is poor, yet also manages to spend a lot of money on coffee and beer. Pocketbook is the perfect app to help you mange your finances and cut down on spending. Just link Pocketbook with your bank account and it will produce weekly spending reports that show exactly what you’re spending your money on. The best part of the app (but also the most depressing) is that users can set a weekly spending amount and you will get an alert when you’re close to going over-budget.

Lost On Campus

During first year, I remember the sheer panic because I could not find my tutorial room and it was going to start in 5 minutes. Fast forward to my third year and I still struggle to find my classes at the beginning of semester. Lost On Campus is essential for navigating the huge, confusing bush land that is Callaghan campus (or Ourimbah, Port Macquarie etc). Just type in what building and room number you’re searching for and it will direct you there.


The perfect organisational app for Apple users. This app enables you to create notes on your computer that will then automatically sync to your phone. Notes can have file attachments, be sorted into folders, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported – creating a complete notebook. Students can set up a folder for a subject and make notebooks within this folder for each topic/week, which equals an instant subject study guide. Having these study guides on your phone means there is no excuse not to read over notes on the bus/train/anywhere a study opportunity arrives and you  are without your laptop. At the end of semester, just export the folder into one printable document for a hard copy study guide if highlighting is your thing.

Blackboard Mobile Learn

Don’t forget the Blackboard app! Easily check your grades, course announcements, discussion board and course materials on the go. Best of all, UON licensees the app so it’s free!


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