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Seven ways to spring clean your life

Spring has sprung and Gunnaina Kohli is here to give seven tips on how to spring clean your life.

This is probably one of the worst (and best) times to have to write this article.

My computer has crashed, exams are very soon, I’ve been nursing an injury and my friends are all away or busy. I’m upset and everything has been going wrong… which is why I must take my own advice and do the following. This list is a reminder that it’s okay. Take on this totally Zen guide to spring cleaning your life and I’m sure you’ll (I’ll) feel amazing!

  1. Log out of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever it is that goes “ting” on your phone. Honestly, I can say that this is one of the best decisions I have made. Just do it. At first, sure, you will miss that meal your friend was enjoying, or the cat video that everyone HAS to watch, but trust me, you’ll get over it. And you might do something more productive with your time.
  2. Just be. Get rid of the idea that you have to be productive all the time. Sometimes you just need to take time out and do something for yourself. Listen to music, colour in, take a bath or do some exercise.
  3. Clean something, whether it be your wardrobe, your bedroom or even your emails. Even though cleaning can sound like the most boring thing in the world, cleaning is literally sorting out the junk in your life and can feel incredibly rewarding and calming.
  4. Don’t go grocery shopping until you’ve used up all the ingredients in the fridge. Some might call this cheap or #unilyf, but I call it creative cooking. Who knows, you might make an extravagant dish to wow your housemates with!
  5. Clean out the negative people in your life. And no, I don’t mean give them a good wash with a sponge and detergent, but just don’t associate with them. You don’t need unnecessary negativity. To take this a step further, go on a solo coffee date. Enjoy your own company, think, learn, pursue a hobby or talk to strangers about your favourite book at the library*!
  6. Truthfully tell someone how you are feeling. If someone asks, “how are you?” tell them honestly how you are. Talking to someone about feelings can be incredibly nerve-wracking and even embarrassing, but it will honestly make you feel a lot better instead of just letting the emotion bubble up inside and overwhelm you. They might even have some great advice to offer due to their outside perspective.
  7. Don’t forget to stay positive! Know that there is a reason for everything and the puzzle will eventually fit together.


*I will not be held liable for any broken Healthy Harold stranger danger rules that may lead to a missing wallet.



Image: Joseph D’Mello, Flickr, no changes made.

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