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Saturday Recipe: Summer Mango Salad

Amber Sewell-Green shows you how to turn mangoes into an easy Summer salad.

Today I’m going to share my all time favourite summer salad. It’s so quick and simple, I can whip it up in 10 minutes before uni! It truly revitalises my day, and makes my taste buds say hell yea! Just a tip: try to keep it somewhere cold if you’re planning on eating it later in the day. The mango in the salad makes it taste just phenomenal, I mean fruit in salad was meant to be! Mango is super cheap right now, but if you’re really budget conscious never fear, just swap half or all the mango for fresh orange, easy as that!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Ingredients: makes one salad for a monster appetite

* 2 mango (or 1 mango + 2 small oranges, or 4 small oranges)

* 1 small Lebanese cucumber (if you have a spiraliser, spiralise that baby!)

* 2 tomatoes

* ½ cup baby spinach, rinsed (Aldi and Coles sell bags for less than $2)

* 1-2 tsp dill (to taste) fresh or dried

* 1 tsp lime juice or juice of 1 fresh lime


1. Place baby spinach at the bottom of a bowl

2. Cut the cheeks of the mango into cubes and layer on the spinach to fill one third of your bowl (or peel the oranges and cut into cubes)

3. Cut the cucumber and tomato into large chunks and place in the other 2/3rds of the bowl

4. Top with dill and lime juice and stir to combine

(when chopping the tomato use a knife with a variegated edge to get a smoother cut)





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