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How to have zero O Week regrets

With O Week just around the corner, Bridie O’Shea lists off the biggest mistakes students make and how to avoid them. 

Ahhh O Week. Loved by many, O Week starts off UON’s year with a bang. But with so many things happening between Monday 15th to Friday 19th February, it can become overwhelming and you might miss out on things that could really benefit you in the long run. But don’t stress, Yak has you covered. Here’s a list of the top five regrets of O Week, and how you can avoid them.

Regret #1. Not going to your faculty information session.

One of the biggest regrets on the list is missing out on your faculty information session. You miss out on a tour of your primary area on campus (believe me, this is a Godsend. There’s nothing worse than turning up half an hour late to your lecture and having to do the embarrassing ‘walk of shame’ in front of 200+ people because you couldn’t find your classroom).

You also miss out on meeting new people in your course. Let’s be real, during your first week of classes choosing where you sit is a semester long commitment, but if you’re lucky enough to see a familiar face that you met in O Week … well your tutorial just got a whole lot better. And if you don’t go to your faculty session, you also miss out on getting a free drink at the Godfrey Tanner Bar. There’s an ‘Our shout’ voucher at the bottom of your day schedule. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Available from 2pm-7pm, Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th. And at Ourimbah on Monday 15th Feburary, 1pm-4pm.

These are the days and times for the Faculty sessions.

Monday 15th February, 11am – Study Abroad and Exchange Orientation.

Tuesday 16th February, 9am – Faculty of Health and Medicine, and Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.

Wednesday 17th February, 9am – Faculty of Education and Arts.

Thursday 18th February, 9am – Faculty of Science and IT, and Faculty of Business and Law.

Friday 19th February, 8:45am – Indigenous Cultural Excursion.

More information here.

If you’re unsure of what Faculty your program belongs to click here.

Regret #2. Not signing up for any clubs and societies.

At Callaghan campus, the O Week expo is held in the Brennan Room and the Main Quad at Ourimbah where UON’s clubs and societies are looking for new members. If you sign up at least there is some chance that you might go to a meeting or an event. If you don’t sign up you’re just shooting that opportunity in the foot. And no one likes getting shot in the foot. Uni doesn’t need to be 100% study and assignments. Joining a club or society breaks the cycle of sleep -> study -> eat -> repeat.  Plus if you don’t join anything you could miss out on some free stuff!

Regret #3. Not taking a library tour.

This is a mistake that is commonly made, but let me emphasise how important this is: never underestimate how much time you’ll spend in the libraries across campus. Never.

For a group study session, coffee break, or pulling an all-nighter because you completely spaced on that 2000 word assignment that’s due tomorrow morning, the library will be an important resource during your time at UON. And these places are mazes! Between the different study zones, quiet sections, faculty areas, trying to find textbooks and trying to figure out which printer you just sent your essay to, the library tour will save you a lot of time and stress.

Both Callaghan and Ourimbah will have daily tours of the libraries and their facilities. Check out the times here.

Regret #4. Not staying around to socialise.

Trying to meet new people can be frightening, especially when the thought of being a social butterfly gives you butterflies – and not the good kind. But don’t stress, UON has organised some great events in order to break the ice.

Sit Down Stand Up Comedy is taking place on Tuesday 16th February at the Godfrey Tanner Bar at 7:00pm, which is FREE (yes, that’s right. FREE) for students who bring along their UON student card. There is also the O Week bus tour on Wednesday 17th February which leaves from Bar on the Hill at 6:30pm to show you all the best places around Newcastle to unwind or get a cold drink or two. UON student card needed as well.

Or maybe you’d want to drop by Bar on the Hill at 7:00pm on Wednesday night to hear the best of student bands and DJs. And if you want to party on, there are free buses into town. And to top it all off on Thursday 18th, indie pop artist E^ST is performing at 7:30pm at Bar on the Hill, where once again, UON tickets are FREE! And you can grab a plus one ticket for $20. Because it’s an 18+ party, UON student card and proof of age is required.

Regret #5. Not going to O Party.

Dubbed one of the biggest parties in UON’s calendar, O Party is not one to be missed. A common phrase around campus is “I wish I went to O Party…” (note: this can also be heard about the Halloween Party and End of Year Party). Don’t let yourself be this person.

O Party kicks off at Bar on the Hill at 7:00pm on Friday 19th. UON students $5 pre-sale / $10 at the door. Students can bring one guest for $20. Tickets go on sale online on Monday 15th. Head to UON Student Central’s Facebook  for more details about tickets. And once again, being an 18+ event, UON student card and proof of age is required.

To find out more information about any of these events, check out the website.

Who said we didn’t have you covered?


Feature Image: Flickr, Sean MacEntee, no changes made.

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