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Review: ‘Good For You’ at Bar on the Hill

The energy that filled the courtyard of Bar on the Hill (BotH) will most likely never be repeated. From punk trio Ouch My Face to Triple J favourite Courtney Barnett, each set drastically differed from the next, hitting each and every emotion known to mankind.

In the past, BotH has hosted a number of talented artists, showcasing not only national musicians, but extending the opportunity to local artists as supporting acts. That being said, the Milk! Records ‘Good For You’ tour completely obliterated expectations, going down as one of the best gigs hosted by the University, not just from talent, but also from the overall vibe and environment.


Courtney Barnett at Bar on the Hill. Photo via Chris Daniel

In a previous article, we talked to Oliver from The Finks, Marcus from East Brunswick All Girls Choir and Fraser A. Gorman about their expectations of the tour, and how each band fit into the uncanny jigsaw puzzle that is Milk! Records. At that stage the tour had not yet commenced, and it is safe to say that even they had no idea what was coming.

Taking place underneath the stars, surrounded by the sheer bush land of Callaghan campus, each band showcased their unique sound to a growing population that expanded over the night. A rare opportunity, as each band member became part of the crowd over the duration of the show. It is not everyday that Courtney Barnett casually sits in front of you and observes the band from your perspective.


Fraser A. Gorman at Bar on the Hill. Photo by Chris Daniel

The Finks were the first to kick off the eclectic mix of bands, playing smooth acoustic Melbourne tunes, handcrafted through the voice of Oliver Mestitz. The transition between the slow and delightfully calm music of The Finks, to a much louder and faster set from ‘East Brunswick All Girls Choir’, gave an insight to what was expected next. Marcus Hobbs, seemingly appearing as half back alley comedian, half energetic front man, amped up the crowd with a country rock set mended by comedic slurs. Anyone who has followed the tour on Instagram would have expected no differently.

Before intermission, the stage welcomed somewhat experimental grunge punk trio Ouch My Face with their fierce Melbourne attitudes. Within this, iconic song ‘The Hammer’, brought a lineup of female band members to the stage, including Jen Cloher, to dance to one of the most terrifying reenactments of the song I have ever seen.


‘The Hammer’ performed by ‘Ouch My Face’. Photo via Chris Daniel

In the latter half of the show we saw a mix of artists on stage at all times, with Jen Cloher and Fraser A. Gorman (both individual sets) supported by Courtney Barnett on guitar, and an unusual but perfectly assembled band of Melbournian misfits. Cloher’s loud guitars and empowering voice soon greeted Fraser A. Gorman’s alternate warm embrace, with a rockier, folk style of music. On stage banter between singer and crowd didn’t go astray.

Naturally, Courtney Barnett destroyed the stage to conclude the evening. The Indie rock legend performed only the best from her lengthy discography, throwing in tracks such as Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party and Depreston’; both which featured in Triple J’s Hottest 100 earlier this year.


Courtney Barnett and Fraser A. Gorman. Photo via Chris Daniel

It’s a weird thought considering that Courtney Barnett’s love child, that is Milk! Records, has grown to become a family that has slowly recruited bands from Melbourne to be included within the roster. As I was talking to Fraser A. Gorman, it was undeniable that there’s an extreme amount of support from each other in the process of making music and touring.

The Good For You tour will be heading north over the next few weeks, finishing up, before the bands are set to release new music over the year.

For the interview, click here.

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Feature image via Chris Daniel.


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