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Groovin the Moo Review 2016

Chris Daniel manages to sum up the festival of Groovin the Moo in what he likes to call ‘Groovin the Review’.

Previous years have had sellout crowds, with the lineup attracting a diverse crowd of people to regional areas in Australia. The annual festival which is held on the showgrounds of Maitland is usually the second stop of the Groovin circuit, yet scored host of the first stop in this years route.

Here are the 8 observations we made during this years festival.


MS MR at Groovin the Moo. Photo by Chris Daniel

1. Our predictions couldn’t be more wrong

Having a lineup dominated by so many Australian artists, it is hard to predict who may or may not be added to the growing bill on the lead up to the festival. Our best guesses were simply narrowed down to bands including Birds Of Tokyo, Gang Of Youths and The Jungle Giants, however our predictions were soon to be debunked. Though disappointing, the lineup was soon graced with the voices of Jarryd James and What So Not.


2. The bands worked hand in hand

This year it seems that Groovin the Moo got the memo about equality and diversity. With strong female led bands including MS MR and Emma Louise, it mixed up the overall atmosphere, adding a bit of sass to the lineup. On that note, artists Danny Brown and NGAIIRE showed that diversity is an option, and whitewashing in the music industry does not exist.


Emma Louise at Groovin the Moo. Photo by Chris Daniel

3. Triple J is a dominant force

Marshaled by Triple J, Groovin the Moo showcases some of the best artists that have been unearthed by the studio, including a range of local bands and national treasures. Alex Dyson (Triple J Breakfast) had some hot fashion tips for festivalgoers.


4. Channel V lives on as a memory of better times

As FOX announced the closure of its youth music station Channel V earlier this year, there was no destined future for its long operating career. Though not operating on music stations anymore, Channel V hosted the festival under its traditional name, with host Danny Clayton as its DJ.


Danny Clayton, Channel V host. Photo by Chris Daniel

5. There is new music on its way

Showcasing new music was a major highlight, considering Maitland was the first stop on the Groovin circuit. Hip Hop favorites ILLY and Drapht both previewed new songs, whilst SAFIA also debuted tracks from their upcoming album.


Drapht at Groovin the Moo. Photo by Chris Daniel

6. A legend has passed but his legacy wont die

Prince, one of the industry’s most profound artists passed away just days before the festival, obviously leaving scars on some of the performing artists. Though tributes were held over the day, the standout performance was from HARTS, a young Australian musician who not only met Prince, but also collaborated and was mentored by the legend himself.


HARTS in an epic tribute to Prince. Photo by Chris Daniel

7. Peking Duk have made their mark on the music industry

Peking Duk were left out of this year’s lineup, but managed to sneak their songs into the sets of multiple artists. Both SAFIA and ILLY featured well-known tracks from the electronic duo, whilst DJ’s found themselves dealing with countless Peking Duk requests from the crowds.


ILLY at Groovin the Moo. Photo by Chris Daniel

8. International bands were conflicted by Australian bands

Though having such acclaimed international bands as RATATAT and Twenty One Pilots, the festival was an ongoing showcase of Australia’s new and old. Australian favourites British India, Boy and Bear and The Rubens attracted immense crowds, though breakout bands Eat Your Heart Out and The Lulu Raes managed to produce unforgettable sets.


RATATAT at Groovin the Moo. Photo by Chris Daniel

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All images taken by Chris Daniel on 23/04/2016 at Groovin The Moo Maitland. Feature image by Chris Daniel.


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