New, innovative course offered at UON

There’s an exciting new course at UON. Thomas Birch gives you the details.

The University of Newcastle, being a leader in university education, prides itself on pushing the boundaries of innovation and discovery.

Expanding on the University’s reputation for high quality teaching and learning and exciting, contemporary academic programs, UON is introducing a new 4000 level elective in Semester Two this year called STAR4000 – Innovation, Startups and Entrepreneurship.

UON Student Experience, Transition and Retention Officer, Nicole Latham, said that the course will provide students with an understanding of entrepreneurship and the creation of start up businesses as a pathway for future employment.

“The STAR4000 course is a new elective in Innovation, Start Ups and Entrepreneurship offered in partnership with external accelerator company Slingshot,” Nicole said.

“Students will be taught by experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, futurists, business strategists and corporate leaders sourced from both Australia and overseas.”

Each fortnight, a new guest lecturer will present on the course topic. Some of the guest lecturers that have signed up to the program so far include:

Adam Ferrier, Australia’s leading consumer psychologist.

“Adam will provide insight into what every psychologist, and advertising executive knows, but rarely shares, and that is how to change the behaviour of other people. He will work with students on the concepts of how to develop a strong brand and how to influence customers’ behaviours,” Nicole said.

Elaine Stead, Investment Director at Blue Sky Venture Capital.

“Elaine will walk students through a lecture on raising capital for their start up, why to raise it, how to raise it and what investors want to see before they invest,” Nicole said.

Crowdfunding platform and community building tool, ‘Pozible’.

“Representatives from Pozible will provide insight into how to plan a crowdfunding project. They will walk students through building a social media presence, making a promotional video and choosing rewards,” Nicole said.

The course includes an initial four-day boot camp style workshop which will be held at Callaghan campus from July 18 to July 21, that will explore business models of the future.

“The boot camp will present students with an introduction to disruptive business models and the concept of pitching your business idea,” Nicole said.

Keynote speakers who will be involved in the boot camp include: Managing Director of Pandora Internet Radio, Jane Huxley, Creator of Lean Canvas and Founder of Spark 59, Ash Maurya, and inventor, writer, entrepreneur, educator and broadcaster, Mark Pesce.

STAR4000 is open to all students in all programs and at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate and RHD) in their second year and above.

Applications close this Friday, May 13th.

For more details students can email Nicole Latham at or apply here.


Feature Image: Screenshot, University of Newcastle YouTube

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