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Healthy habits: A definitive guide to clubs and societies

With a range of clubs and societies located on campus, there is something for everyone. Chris Daniel sets a definitive guide to the clubs devoted to health and exercise for the second semester of the academic year.

As the first semester has finally drawn to a close, we can finally take that much needed sigh of relief, sit back and relax without that impending doom and guilt as we flick through Netflix categories. Though as our homebody routines kick back into play, our health may suffer as a result.

The University of Newcastle offers a broad range of clubs and societies devoted to lifestyle, health, culture and exercise, which are available to join as semester two draws closer. While now may be a time for relaxation, you may find that these clubs and societies will benefit your lifestyle. Here is a guide to UON’s clubs and societies within the health sector.

Sport on Campus

The clubs and societies are open to a broad range of different sports on campus. The different sports available for students cover both beginner and professional level sporting teams, including induction to the university games in both EUG’s and AUGS’s. Sports include:

Badminton Club
Baseball Club
Basketball Club
Bicycle Users’ Group
Boat Club
Cheerleading Club
Cricket Club
Fencing Club
Football Club (Men’s and Women’s)
Hockey Club (Men’s and Women’s)
Jujutsu Club
Mountaineering Club
Netball Club
Quidditch Club
Rugby League Club
Rugby Union Club
Squash Club
Taekwondo Club
Tennis Club
Ultimate Frisbee
Water Polo

For more information about sporting clubs, visit The Forum’s club sport page, or the clubs direct page found on the clubs and societies homepage.

Degree Based

Food Science Health and Nutrition Social
Located at Ourimbah campus, the Food Science Health and Nutrition Social provides a society for postgraduate students of the food science degree to discuss their research and voice concerns about their course. Though being situated in Ourimbah, the group operates via social media.

Health degrees
Other clubs and societies devoted to health degrees may spark your interest within your studies. These include:

The Hunter Medical Research Institute SA
Master of Pharmacy Students
Preclinical Neurobiology Research Journal Club
Preclinical Neurobiology Research Students Association
Research Students of Nursing and Midwifery
Cancer Council and Student’s Alliance
Medical Society (UNMS)
Nurses 4 Nurses
Nursing Society
Oral Health Society

For contact details and further information for any of these clubs and societies, visit the clubs and societies homepage.

Sport Societies

NUSS – Newcastle University Snow Sports Society

The NUSS is devoted to the love of snow sports and welcomes skiers and snowboarders at any level. The society frequently hosts events and trips to the snow during winter months. If you are looking for a social group, this society offers a social calendar to relieve semester stress. Check out for more information.


Bushwalking, Biking, and Hiking Club
What’s healthier than a trip to the great outdoors? The Bushwalking, Biking, and Hiking Club gather together students for both social and exercising purposes. Contact details can be sought via the clubs and societies homepage.

The Yoga Club
Classes: Every Monday and Tuesday from 8am-8:45am (Maximum of 25 people per class, yoga mats provided).
The Yoga Club provides weekly classes at a very low cost. This is a perfect opportunity to relax and reflect throughout the semester. Visit the clubs and societies homepage for more information.

Vegetarian Club
The Vegetarian Club aims to provide a healthy lifestyle that steers away from the traditional coffee and kebab habits of the semester. The club also focuses on the education and awareness of healthy eating, as well as the exploitation of animals as commodities. Visit the Vegetarian Club for more details.

Fun and Social

The Diving and Exploration Society

N.U.D.E.S (Newcastle University Diving and Exploration Society) welcomes divers of all levels, with a low cost for annual membership to kickstart your passion for diving and snorkelling. N.U.D.E.S is one of the few societies that provide access to weekly gear hire and amazing opportunities to explore beyond the depths of Newcastle. Want more info? Check out N.U.D.E.S.

The Affordable Wine Appreciation Society (AKA The Goonion)

The recipient of the 2015 Campus Awards for club event of the year, The Goonion has a staggering list of members. Why is this a health society? Well ‘health’ might be a stretch but numerous studies have found that wine consumption, red wine in particular, has more beneficial effects for the body than other alcohol, in moderation of course. The Goonion hosts a variety of social events from wine tours, wine tasting and trivia, not to mention it’s traditional event ‘Goondependence Day’. Sound interesting? The Goonion might be the club for you.

Feature Image: Jackie Brock.

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