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Pokémon of UON

Nick Smit trades tips on how to catch ‘em all at the University of Newcastle.

Get those portable chargers plugged in and some ice packs on those calves, because Pokémon Go has finally achieved Nintendo’s decades-long goal of making us go outside. Pokémon Go has been sweeping across the world, both in popularity and the fact that the game can be played almost anywhere with the use of GPS. And the University of Newcastle is no exception.

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Screenshot via Twitter @Gameplay. 

In fact, UON is one of the best places to get your Pokélegpain happening because of the high number of crowdsourced points of interest or ‘pokéstops’ that can give you items and draw Pokémon. Finding these points can even help you discover and explore the unique features of Callaghan campus, like the Birabahn cultural trail and the art pieces beside the Hunter Hub. There are some particularly prime spots from which to catch ‘em all, such as the Auchmuty library and the aforementioned Birabahn trail, which put you in range of three pokéstops at the same time so you can grind to your heart’s content. Auchmuty is an especially favoured location for players, with the use of lures being more common there. So go say hi to those people standing around with their phones and you might find some fellow trainers! The Marmaduke Café is another convenient spot to stock up on items, as you’ll be within reach of two pokéstops while you treat your body to well-earned break and your stomach to a coffee or two.

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Screenshot via Twitter @CauseWereComedy. 


There are also a large number of gyms at the university, with the most prominent – and highly contested – to be found at the Shortland building, Hunter building, Auchmuty library, near the Mathematics building and near the Forum. Keep an eye out for gyms you can flip to your side (#GoTeamMystic), or train against your teammates at a gym of your own. And of course, UON holds host to a plethora of Pokémon of varying rarities. Here’s a recount of some of the finds that my poor, frail legs have taken me to so far:

  • Koffing seems to hang out at the Shortland side fountain. Rude, Koffing. Birds drink from that.
  • The path behind the Commonwealth Bank has spawned Dratini for me on three separate occasions, shame they keep eluding me though. You will be mine. Just you wait.
  • Drowzee can sometimes be found at the Hunter building, perhaps blending in with the students attending 8am classes.
  • Bulbasaur and Squirtle can also be found around the Hunter building, but be prepared for them to lead you to some pretty strange places.
  • Both of the Nidoran genders can be found in the fields around the Forum.
  • I’ve found Poliwag, Goldeen, Horsea and Psyduck near the Warrabrook train station, but I wouldn’t recommend trying to swim in that creek.
  • And, of course, if you’re at the uni after dark you might be able to make the most of Ghastly and Clefairy coming out to play.
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Screenshot via Twitter @tgnTV. 

Feel free to comment with your own discoveries and help out your fellow trainers. And with that, good luck! Make that intra-university commute worth it!

Feature Image: Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr, no changes made.



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