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Cosplay: Where does it fit into the equation?

In a world so dominated by pop culture, we have found ways to weave our inner geekness into our day-to-day, but where does cosplay fit into that equation? Chris Daniel ventures to the depths of Oz Comic-Con to find the answer.

At the turn of the century, the noughties welcomed a new era of pop culture, bringing comic books out of the darkness and into the public eye. Something happened, a revolution if you wish, pop culture thrived off the millions. Now, it seems to be moving so quickly that its becoming harder and harder to find a conversation that hasn’t been influenced by a film reference.


Thor Cosplay at Oz Comic-Con. Photo by Chris Daniel.

Though having such a large market in the US, the popularity started to explode down under, introducing conventions including Oz Comic-Con and Supanova to the population.

Over the weekend, Oz Comic-Con opened its doors to pop culture lovers of all strands. Heroes, villains, and those inspired by ironic memes, united together for a simple cause: #cosplay4lyf.


Doctor Who Cosplay at Oz Comic-Con. Photo by Chris Daniel

Wandering the busy aisles of a sold out convention, Oz Comic-Con has indeed gone all out, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to film, television and the universe of comic books. Though what remains a mystery lies in the hands of those devoted to the cause. So why do people cosplay?

Alex, a representative from the Newcastle University Anime Club (NUAC), was confronted with this question, and in short replied:

[Cosplay] is an expression of the pop culture we see all around us. A great example of this is with the release of the movie Suicide Squad you may have seen an insane amount of Harley Quinn’s and Jokers all over the web and con floors. The creational drive of pop culture helps to fuel new cosplay and inspirations for character interpretations. Cosplay puts pop culture on showcase.

So there we have it, a form of expressionism and dedication to pop culture.

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Feature Image: Ghostbusters at Oz Comic-Con. Photo by Chris Daniel



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