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Get ready for a Space Dragon Adventure!

Bridget Gunn talks to the cast of Newcastle University Drama Society’s latest production, Space Dragon Adventure.

Coming up soon on the UON social calendar is the Newcastle University Drama Society’s (NUDS) original theatrical experience, Space Dragon Adventure, which is showing twice on 23rd October.

Co-written by Jack Madden, the brains behind the Drama Society’s last play Things in Moderation, and local opera icon Imogen Bilinsky, Space Dragon Adventure is a theatrical comedy that is set to have audiences rolling in the aisles.


Chatting with NUDS President Jack Madden and actress Maddi Whan, I got a bit of an insight into what the play was about and the process of making an original play with a budget that doesn’t quite match those of your typical Broadway production.

“The play follows a crew of five dysfunctional astronauts as they go to find a cure for a virus plaguing the human race, which soon becomes not the point of the play at all,” laughs Jack.

“They crash land on a planet, and they meet aliens for the first time.

“It’s very whacky.”


Jack and Maddi double as actors and directors, and they believe the play has come together easily because the cast works so well together.

“This year everyone is like a family, which is nice,” says Maddi, describing the 12 person cast.

NUDS have also had significant support from the University, as the production is funded through the Student Services and Amenities Fee. This fee helps to fund the events and activities of a number of student-run organisations around campus.


“The play has changed a lot over the time we have been working on it,” says Maddi.

“From what the play was to what it is now, it has become a lot more emotional.

“The wonderful thing about original theatre is that Space Dragon Adventure soon transcended the initial script that Imogen and I wrote, and it became this kind of big soup that everyone seasons and stirs together,” added Jack.

“There’s still the base of the story, the characters and the overall arc, but the rehearsal process has seen us lose some cast members and collapse roles together, and it’s made for an ultimately stronger, deeper piece. It’s more than just ‘funny with plot’.

“That being said, it’s still hilarious.”


Space Dragon Adventure is only playing two showings over the 23rd October, so be sure to pre-book your tickets and call in sick to work because this is not a night you want to miss.

To buy tickets, follow these links:

The 2pm show: spacedragonadventure1.eventbrite.com

The 6pm show: spacedragonadventure2.eventbrite.com

Ticket Prices:

  •  Adults: $15
  •  Concession: $10
  •  Members: $5
  •  Groups of 4 Adults: $48

[ADVISORY WARNING: This show contains coarse language, mild violence, sexual references and mature themes, and therefore is not appropriate for younger audiences.]

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