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Mountain Sounds 2017: Highlights and Expectations

For its third consecutive year, Central Coast’s Mountain Sounds Festival has sold out, introducing a lineup including RÜFÜS, DMA’s and Hermitude. Chris Daniel talks to artists Vacations, Elaskia and The Dune Rats about highlights and expectations for the year to come, including their appearances at MSF17.


“We had a strong year that’s nicely set up 2017 for us. Playing a bunch of shows up and down the coast, releasing two EPs and a single, filming our debut music video, getting press coverage, and so much more to mention all added up for us. I can’t go without mentioning the addition of Joey (CEO) into our band as our new drummer. His dedication and skill has brought so much to the table that Vacations finally feels like a “band”.”

Local legends Vacations have secured a place within the Human Sounds Record Company in Atlanta, which isn’t all too surprising given the foundations and exposure of the Newcastle music scene. Reaching over 120,000 plays on Spotify and most recently being added to the Triple J Unearthed rotation, Vacations have already exceeded expectations for what 2017 has in stall.

Frontman, Campbell Burns, explains that his success so far has been fully devoted to the relationships formed and the connections made in the intimate music scene Newcastle has to offer.

“Mateship and music are two things that go together and that’s the whole foundation of No-Fi Records. A music/arts collective I started with some friends about two years ago.”

Mountain Sounds will conclude Vacations tour, carrying off the release of their EP ‘Vibes’. In terms of expectations;

“Expect me to yell, “What’s up Mountain Sounds” and hold the last note for an uncomfortable amount of time before we launch into our set. It’ll be half an hour of riffs the whole family can enjoy and stupid banter that you’ll love.”

You can watch Vacations on the Sailor Jerry stage at MSF17.


“There’s been a fair amount of change within the last year; our guitarist is no longer with us, so it’s just Kelly and myself doing everything now. It’s been a big shift, moving into a duo  and having fewer voices in the room.”

Central Coast residents Elaskia will be returning to the Mountain Sounds stage for their second year, but this time, with a few differences. Band members Kelly Griffith and Phillip Leason explain that although the dynamic of the band has shifted, their sound has remained the same.

“Our sound is still every Elaskia. We are putting more effort in now, we used to just throw together music, not to say we were lazy, but we just did what worked and cruised through. Now we are more focused on developing the sound further. “

Despite only being February, the band has plans to expand, starting with their set at Mountain Sounds 2017.

“We have a few gigs coming up. Recently we supported Jagwar Ma, and we also have a few festivals on the coast during the summer period. For now though, we will be focusing on new music and potentially be looking into a tour. “

Catch Elaskia on the Unicorn Stage at MSF17.

The Dune Rats

“2016 was an absolute blast, we spent the whole year doing a whole bunch of different stuff with all of our mates, which in reality is all we can ask for. In summary, f**cking bullers von chullers.”

Brisbane stoner rockers The Dune Rats wrapped up an extensive year, entering 2017 with the release of their album ‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullsh*t’. The announcement of their tour, joined by Skegss and The Gooch Palms, which will commence after their Mountain Sounds performance, but has sadly already sold out.

Touring Europe and Australia alongside Violent Soho and DZ Deathrays for a majority of 2016, The Dune Rats also managed to feature alongside Drapht, release an interactive video clip and make multiple appearances at festivals around the country. With the hard work paying off, the trio managed to score chart positions at 33 and 34 on this years Hottest 100. Reflecting on achievements, they could narrow down their favourite.

“Being on tour in New York with DZ Deathrays for Shane’s birthday and randomly walking into this Cuban dance club where the DJ kept yelling out ‘Happy Birthday Shane’ then surprising him with this cake that had rocket launcher sparklers on it, we were pretty cooked. Also that Violent Soho tour was an absolute mess.”

  Don’t miss The Dune Rats, who will be kickstarting their tour on the Unicorn Stage.

Mountain Sounds Festival
17th-18th February 2017
Mt Penang Parklands, Central Coast
*Tickets Sold Out*


Feature Image: Provided by Mountain Sounds Festival. No changes Made. 

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