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Music Festival Survival Guide

With Groovin the Moo coming up, self-confessed live music junkie Jessica Worboys gives her top tips for to what to do and what not to do whilst attending a festival.

When you think of a music festival, the first thing that comes to mind is a sunny day filled with people dancing and having a good time whilst listening to great music. But it really is so much more than this.

And so begins the top tips (in no particular order) for festivals – what to do and what not to do whilst at an event that will end up being a survival guide for every music festival you attend in the future.


  • DO – Plan your outfit according to the weather. There’s no point showing up to a festival held in the rain at a grassy area in white clothes or shoes. They will end up muddy and they will get ruined. In contrast, wear something cool on a hot day. You will sweat, it’s inevitable.
  • DO – Pack the essentials. Emergency ponchos and gumboots are handy for wet weather, and sunglasses and a hat are essential for a sunny day. It’s a matter of common sense.
  • DO – Take an empty or sealed water bottle. It will save you a few precious dollars and the majority of music festivals offer free water refill stations so you will never be thirsty.
  • DON’T – Drink too much, too soon. Why spend money on a ticket to an event you won’t remember?
  • DON’T – Forget to go to the toilet before you get there. Portaloos are gross, everyone knows it. If you don’t have to use it, don’t bother.


While you’re there

  • DO – Make sure you know when all the artists are playing. You don’t want to end up accidentally missing out on your favourite band while you’re just wandering around.
  • DO – Stand your ground. When you’re in the mosh pit, there’s always those few people who try and push through you or jump all over you as if they have no knowledge of the words ‘personal space.’ If you’ve secured a great spot you don’t want someone to come along and push in front of you – stand your ground and, if necessary, use physical force to get them away from you.
  • DO – Eat! There’s plenty of food facilities at every music festival so plenty to choose from. Pick a time when there is an artist you’re not quite interested in seeing and go peruse the various food trucks with greasy delicacies available. You can’t dance on an empty stomach.
  • DO – Take photos. While you can’t take your DSLR, your phone or even a disposable camera are great ways to capture memories you’ll always remember. Make sure the flash is working for awesome night time shots!
  • DON’T – Be that idiot who decides to do a ‘triple stack.’ Piling up two people on your shoulders will never end well when in a huge crowd. No one around you wants to be crushed under the weight of someone falling down.
  • DON’T – Bring bad vibes. Who wants to be with Debbie Downer while at a festival? Nobody. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t be. Dance with your mates and eat some good food – just don’t act all sulky and unhappy.

Of course, the most important tip of all is simple – HAVE FUN! Like everything, music festivals have rules, so don’t go crazy. But festival organisers want you to have fun, so do as Shia LaBeouf would (just do it).

Feature image: Samuel Zeller via Unsplash. No changes made.

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