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Eurovision: A Glittery Escape


In the aftermath of the 2017 budget, Monique Aganovic greets a welcome distraction.

In the wake of a new budget, rocky international relations, and the effects of climate change rapidly consuming the planet, Eurovision 2017 swoops in like a shimmering angel from above. For five glorious days, the world is allowed to press pause on all its issues. Rather than get involved in heated debates about health and education, we get to debate why the hell Australia gets a place in the competition in the first place.

Since being invited to perform in 2015, Australia has been suspended in a state of disbelief at how well we’ve been going in the competitions – and the fact that we keep getting invited back. It didn’t come as a shock that our debut was made by none other than Australia’s good-guy-turned-indie-heartthrob, Guy Sebastian. Our finish at fifth place in the comp was admirable to say the least. Despite the promise that the 2015 entry was a one-time thing, Australia is just too good to pass up. Dami Im’s performance at the 2016 comp stole hearts across the globe. Finishing as runner-up, Dami literally slayed the competition. Jaws across Australia and Europe alike had to be swept up off the floor. Dami cemented her place in Australian pop culture; a hero among us mere mortals. Australia was steadily rising up the ranks. Europe was shook.


Dami Im = Queen of Australia Source:

This year’s Aussie entry, 17-year-old Isaiah Firebrace, has sung his way into the grand final (and my heart). Not only does he have an amazing name, he can also bust out a pretty solid ballad. While everyone around me was discussing changes to Centrelink qualifications and university HECS fees, I was assessing Isaiah’s semi-final performance and googling the other contestants – sizing up the competition. We seriously have a good chance at taking this thing out. Our upward trajectory from the past two years is pointing towards a win. Every single Australian who cares about Eurovision is starting to cross their fingers and settle into their lounges in preparation for the SBS broadcast of the final this Sunday.


Good Luck Isaiah!                                                                                   Source:

I’m not saying knowing about our budget and other world events aren’t important. But one day, when I sit the next generation down to talk about my life as a young adult, I’ll be saying, “I remember where I was when Australia won Eurovision. It was a crisp May day and I was in the university library…” Sure, I’ll probably regret using all those university hours to research a European singing contest – especially since I’ll probably still be playing off the money I spent to do so.

But ultimately, what’s more important? A bachelor’s degree, or being able to nail any future trivia questions based around Eurovision?

I don’t know about you, but being good at trivia is pretty bloody important to me.


Eurovision will be broadcasted on various SBS platforms this weekend. Find out where to tune in here.

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