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Surfing, Puppetry, and Other Unusual Degrees

Ever been in the middle of a lab and wondered if you should be studying how to survive a zombie apocalypse instead? Marcie Cheers has a few unorthodox degrees that might be for you.

Have you ever gotten to the end of semester with no motivation to continue with your degree, only to realise your degree is not for you? To make matters worse, as you look through your options—medicine, teaching, law, and sciences, you find absolutely no appeal in the boring, traditional degrees.

Well have no fear, because as it turns out, there is most likely a degree for your strange hobby or talent offered somewhere in the world. Here is a look at the top six most unusual degrees offered around the world, to help you find your true passion in life.

Puppet studies

If your dream has been to become the next Miss Piggy or Kermit The Frog, then this is the perfect degree for you. Being one of the most popular ‘unusual’ degrees out there, a Bachelor (or Masters) of Puppetry is offered at many different universities in America. According to the University of Connecticut (where the degree is offered) students who undertake a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Puppetry) will learn various techniques for the theatre as well as script analysis, puppet performance and theatre production.

The degree requires an audition application, so if this is the degree for you, put on your best Elmo voice and lights, camera, action!

Surf science

This degree just goes to show there is a degree out there for almost every hobby you can think of. Surprisingly enough, Surf Science seems to be another extremely popular ‘unusual degree’, offered at various universities across the world. Surf Science and Technology is offered by the University of Plymouth, and takes only two years to complete.

The degree includes studies on surf practice, the culture of surf and sport and the scientific techniques behind surfing. So, if you have ever been puzzled into the craft that is behind the art of surfing, ride those waves all the way to a participating university.

Cannabis cultivation

With the legalisation of marijuana in more than 30 US states (for recreational use), an increasing amount of degrees studying the plant have popped up around the U.S. Offered as an undergraduate course at UC Davis, Psychology of Cannabis includes units on the physiological effects of marijuana, and discusses the effectiveness of medical marijuana as a treatment.

Don’t be fooled though, this degree is not just for the 420 lovers. In fact, professors in the degree stress that you will not be getting high in class. Instead, the degree encourages the normalisation of the plant for medical use.

Bagpipe studies

When you think it couldn’t get any weirder, The University of Glasgow offer a course in bagpipes (where has this been all my life?). ‘Pipers’ have the opportunity to perfect their craft whilst learning about the social and cultural history of the bagpipe.

The course goes for 15 weeks, and as well as musical performances, assessments include assignments on the history of the bagpipe. The course is tailor made to the skill level of the student, so no fear if you have no skill in the bagpipe; you will be a professional in no time!

Social media influencer

With the rise of social media, this degree is not much as a surprise compared to the others. Nonetheless, if your life goal is to be Instafamous or the next YouTube superstar, this degree will be your rise to stardom. Italian university, Condé Nast Italia’s Social Academy is the first to offer this unusual course. Running for 4 months, by the end of this social media course students receive a certificate of participation, as well as bragging rights to say that you are a certified social media influencer.

All jokes aside, the course provides useful skills in business management and how to create a platform on the internet. Downside is, you might need to learn Italian before completing the online course.

Master of apocalypse

I have saved the best for last, so if you haven’t found the perfect degree yet, this must be the one for you. Luder Wycliffe has done the unthinkable, and created a degree for surviving the apocalypse, labeled as the Master of Eschatology.

The good news is it only takes 48 hours to complete online and is available for the cheap price of $1,680.00. In exchange for the small fee, students receive important knowledge on how to survive the end of the world apocalypse. The degree features courses that dive into biblical interpretation and the history of eschatological thought.

With all these degrees, you are bound to find something that fits your passions and interests!

Feature image: Miki Yoshihito via Flickr, no changes made.

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