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8 Binge-worthy TV Shows

Looking for something to do during this semester recess? Elizabeth Symington lists eight TV Shows you should binge (while you can).

The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy was released earlier this year by Netflix and since then it has been making waves, with the demand for the title reportedly being in excess of 21 times the amount of other titles.

The show follows a very dysfunctional family that must come together after the death of their father to stop the apocalypse. The main reason you should watch this show is for Klaus- he’ll make you feel almost every emotion known to humankind. He’s so broken but beautiful.

This show is unlike anything I have ever seen and should be on everyone’s watch list.

Dance Academy


Logie Award-winning Dance Academy was first released in 2010 and since that day it has captured the hearts of many, with three tv seasons and one movie.

The series centres around six high school students that study at the ‘National Academy of Dance’, and follows their path to adulthood and all the teenage goodness that comes with it (namely, friendship and love).

This show also broke my 15-year-old spirit, but I won’t tell you why. If you know, you know.

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin is an American Telenovela which was released in 2014.

The show follows 23-year-old virgin, Jane Villaneuva who has made a vow to herself and religion to remain celibate until marriage. Her plans are derailed when a routine clinic check-up results in her being accidentally artificially inseminated, pretty unbelievable, right? Well let me tell you, the writers manage to make this outrageously far fetched storyline plausible, and the storyline will have you laughing, crying, and everything in between.

If you have not watched this series yet I suggest that you lose your Jane the Virgin virginity and watch it ASAP.

Our Planet

If you want to feel less guilty about spending so much time in front of a screen, watch this documentary series, because David Attenborough is back and better than ever.

Our Planet shows our planet’s beauty and looks at how all living creatures, from those in the deep ocean to those in the forest, are affected by climate change.

Our Planet will leave you wanting change, and inspire you to want to do something about it.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova is one of the most underrated shows of the century (in my opinion anyway).

The series is set in 2149, and the world is very different from how we know it now, as the Earth is dying and becoming harder to survive on. Scientists find a way to open a portal to prehistoric earth by creating a fracture in the time-space continuum.

The story follows the Shannon Family and their adventure in the prehistoric realm, facing dangers like dinosaurs.

I won’t lie, this storyline is WILD! But the way it is executed makes it well worth the watch. Also, it reignited my love for Australian Idol contestant Dean Geyer he plays a rather handsome Security member named Mark.


“In a land of myth, and a time of magic, the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young boy. His name… Merlin.” These words have been etched in my brain ever since this series aired in 2008.

Merlin is a fantasy drama that explores the tale of King Arthur and his wizard, Merlin. Magic, friendship, bromance and romance… what more could you want from a show?

I really think you should stop what you are doing and watch it now, like right now.

The Musketeers

BBC’s The Musketeers gives a new take on the classic story.

The series follows soldiers Porthos, Aramis, and Athos, and new musketeer D’Artagnan, who is seeking vengeance after the killing of his father. The show is full of action, adventure, and scandal, with some of the greatest costumes I have ever seen.

You should add The Musketeers to the top of your to watch list- it’s worth it, I promise.

Kath and Kim

This list would not be complete without this Aussie classic.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this show follows the story of Kath Day-Knight and her daughter Kim as they navigate their lives and family relationships.

The reasons you should watch it are pretty simple-it’s funny and relatable, and I don’t know about you, but the Kel walk was a staple comedy tool in my primary school.

Even if you have already seen this show, watch it again and give yourself a good laugh.


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