Booksmart: A Feminist Coming of Age Comedy

Is Booksmart the first accurate coming of age film for modern women? Tyler Bridges weighs in on the debate. 

It’s the hangover meets teenage feminism, it’s the movie that all young women have been waiting for.

Without giving away too many spoilers, here’s what I thought of the film.

It is a cinematic masterpiece that takes advantage of realistic and absurd comedic moments to bring about a young adult comedy that speaks to and shows the way adolescents of this generation are. The film’s feminist motifs and corny dance moves keep you engaged and completely in love with the characters, who mirror our former selves (or current selves depending on your age).

The film follows two young women who realise their high school experience was all about getting them into the best schools and that they never gave themselves the chance to have fun with their classmates. Following this realisation, they spend the next 24 hours before graduation on a wild ride of teen discovery and experiences. The girls explore drug use, boys, sex, parties and heartbreak and endure very cringe-worthy parents and come to the discovery that teachers are humans too. All this in such a short time frame would normally seem impossible, but the film does so with wit, sarcasm, and humour fit for the modern woman.

The film not only captures the true highs and lows of the teenage experience but is a huge fuck you to the patriarchy, old people and lesbian stereotypes, making its relevance for all young people going through these experiences so much more real. It has taken too long to have an accurate piece of work that understands all the important aspects of youth and the teenage experience. Now we have it, and it is spectacular.

It is a stance against the typical stories told for young people about romance and boys and instead is the perfect romance film for a modern-day feminist, the focus being on the relationship between two amazing women as friends going out into the world. It is also one of the first films to cover with such relevant detail the young lesbian experience without the typical coming out story attached.

Despite its relevant themes of coming of age and the smashing of boundaries, it is still an amazing comedy with moments that leave you laughing as you remember them after the film has ended. The actors do an amazing job of turning some cringe-worthy moments into comedic masterpieces that have the audience laughing (sometimes inappropriately).

This film is the perfect modern-day chick flick, comedy and action film rolled into one. With sick parties, sick cars and being just plain sick, it’s a classic coming of age story, with the modern twist all girls need. The only thing left to be said is that the actors and their incredible director, Olivia Wilde, smashed it! Everyone should see it, to help grow a better understanding of the adolescent experience without the focus on being caught up in romance.

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