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My Drag Debut

Last month, Jayme Zimmermann talked about the process of preparing for her first drag show. Now that she has made her debut as ‘Sticky Waffle’, she’s back to share all the behind-the-scenes stories once more.

On October 25, I transformed into Sticky Waffles and performed in drag for the first time.

It’s safe to say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

My day began at 7am when the nerves woke me up. I had a lot to do, and all day to do it, but I still felt like I would not have enough time. I had a vision for my performance and was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

As it was ‘Blush Hallo-Queen’ I wanted to be an alien, so made up a concept to match. I went for a traditional Martian look but with a drag twist. During the show, we had to perform both a duet and a solo. For my duet, I was partnered with the gorgeous Queen Glitter N.Gore and we chose the song ‘Candyman’ by Christina Aguilera. For my solo, I decided to perform ‘ET’ by Katy Perry.

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At 2pm I glued down my eyebrows and the task of painting me green began. The process was long, but I had an amazing support team to help. My friend Gowtham Jeyanathan was a big help when it came time to do my makeup and body paint. We wrapped up painting my mug at 6pm and then got my corset, Spanx, 3 layers of tights, wig, shoes and outfit on, before heading to the venue.

When arriving at the venue at 7:30pm all the other Queens were extremely supportive and gave me great advice to calm my nerves. Our incredible host Bebe Gunn was very supportive and thorough in making sure all the Queens were ready to go, and that everyone was on time.

Performance time came and my duet was first. In retrospect, I think it really helped to have someone else to perform with and bounce off for my first time in drag on stage. The music started and Sticky Waffles just came out. It was honestly so much fun to play this carefree character and dance up a storm. The feeling from the crowd was electrifying and it was incredible to see people respond to my performance so positively.

I was extremely excited to perform my solo later on and, just like my duet, it was an amazing feeling. The crowd was buzzing and I was dancing so hard my legs hurt (I am very unfit). I was waving a lightsaber around, too- it went off!

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Image © Timber Productions

When it was all over, I felt so excited and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to perform again. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for my friends, family and of course the Drag community for supporting me.

The next Blush is the ‘Barbie Pool Party’ on November 29, where I will be taking the stage to perform once more! These events are amazing, and really do have something for everyone. For more information visit Timber Productions.

Until then, stay Sticky.


Feature Image: Timber Productions

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