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How to Live the Luxurious Life While Living on a Student Budget

Living on a student budget can be hard and comes with a lot of sacrifices. Keighley Bradford shares some secrets so you can live large with less. 

Who doesn’t like to save a buck here and there, particularly when it comes down to choosing between groceries, a much-needed new pair of shoes, or a stress-free night out with your pals? Here are some tips and tricks to helping you get the most bang for your buck, and just that little bit more ahead on your savings goals.

Discount Apps: For All The Deals

You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about what is truly the greatest perk of being a uni student – the numerous discounts! Hurry up and download the app then sign up to Student Edge and UniDays. They have discounts at all the biggest retail outlets across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, technology, food and, more. Most discounts are online-only, however, there are a lot of in-store deals. And while some brands are on both platforms (and some only on one or the other), always double-check as one platform may have just a slightly better deal than the other.

Eatsee is also a great app to download. It’s like Tinder – but for food. This free app also allows you to see what your fave Newy restaurants, cafes and bars are offering, like two-for-one deals or free beeves with meal purchases. Great deals for date nights, wouldn’t you say?

Browser Extensions: For Them Extra Savings

The infamous Honey extension *could* save you some money by searching hundreds of coupons online. When it can’t get you a deal, instead it offers you ‘Honey Gold’ (aka: points) that you can later redeem for a gift card. Every little bit counts, right?

Now if you’re a globe trotter wanting to save for that next adventure, download the QANTAS extension and sign up to their frequent flyer program (if you haven’t already). This allows you to see just how many points you could be earning for every dollar you’re already spending online, and points translate to less money you have to spend on your next overseas adventure.

Movie Deals: Because You Deserve to Kick Back at the Big Screen

Sign-up for Cinebuzz for FREE to get some amazing deals, like $8 Student Mondays and $10 tickets Tuesday to Thursday. They also have movie-of-the-week deals and discounted Gold-Class tickets (for as low as $20) if you’re wanting to give yourself an extra well-deserved treat. Plus, you earn points every time you go to the movies to earn FREE tickets (and sometimes they’ll even offer you a sneaky deal as well). To get the student membership, see an Event Cinema staff member to get the student-member code.

Hoyts is also worth a membership investment, offering $10 movie-of-the-week specials, $11 for “Super-Saver” sessions, and $12 for “Saver” sessions. You also get 10% off food/drinks, free popcorn refills, birthday rewards and for those who are with QANTAS, points for every movie. Likewise, you earn points on sessions and food/beverages, which you can later use to buy free or discounts tickets/food/drinks.

Don’t want to sign-up to get awesome discounts? Head to Readings Cinemas for everyday $11 movie tickets.

Travel Deals: Cause Travelling in Style Should Be Affordable

The most obvious discount we tell you about is that full-time students can get travel concession with NSW Transport, which means half-price travel fares! Plus, to get even more bang for your buck, why not gather your pals for a Sydney Sunday road trip? The Sunday fare rate is $2.80. Now, if you’re wanting to roam the world, we can suggest that STA Travel is your pal for student-rate flights, but to get this deal you’ll end up needing to get an ISIC (International Student Identity Card). On the plus side, this app which holds your ID also lists some amazing student deals for eateries and activities, and you’d be surprised at just how many local places are offering deals on this lesser-known app. Plus, group tours like Contiki have student discounts to keep just that bit of extra cash in your pocket (hint: check out those apps we were mentioning earlier).

Textbook Deals: No Student Should Suffer Financial Loss Over a Book Necessary to Pass Your Degree 

Jump onto the Facebook Group Textbooks at UON – it’s like Buy, Swap and Sell but for textbooks for students at UON. If you still haven’t had any luck check out your app-deals for Booktopia and Angus & Robertson (hint: Booktopia is usually cheaper, and yes, they’re owned by the same people).

Fitness Deals: Put Your Physical and Mental Health First

UON’s own ‘The Forum’ offers students no joining fees for their student membership, in addition to various payments plans to suit your study and financial situation starting as low as $11.50/week. There are also two gyms, one at Hunter side, Callaghan, and one Harbourside near NeW Space. Plant Fitness Newcastle also offers affordable gym memberships from $7 to $10 a week.

Other Cool Student Deals: Because You’re Worth It

Microsoft Office is FREE for students – Download via your NuMail account.

Reduced Bank Keeping Fees – Check with your bank, but some have deals that with proof of study will reduce if not cancel any account keeping fees.

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