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Everything’s Cancelled. Now What?

With events and gatherings being cancelled en mass, Olivia Beveridge has a few tips on how to pass the time. 

Sporting events, live theatre, music festivals, the things so many of us look forward to and fill our time with, are now being cancelled or postponed.

Not to mention the fact that gyms, bars, clubs, places of worship, cinemas, dine-in restaurants and cafe’s are now closed indefinitely. With the Department of Health recommending the practice of social distancing, even a trip to Charlestown Square may be out of the question.

So in this time of self-quarantine how are you meant to pass the time?

A Good Old Fashioned Netflix Binge
I should clarify that Stan and Amazon Prime are also pretty good for a binge sesh. On Netflix, I highly recommend ‘I Lost My Body’, but if you’re wanting something a little more mellow then you can’t go past ‘Love is Blind’ – trash TV at its finest. And you can still watch Netflix with friends through a Netflix watch party – check out how here.

Find a New Podcast
There are so many amazing podcasts out there and with Spotify giving every listener (subscriber or not) the ability to listen to thousands of them in any order, now is the time to find something new on a topic you’re already interested in – or maybe even something brand new to sink your teeth into. My top three picks are ‘My Favorite Murder’, ‘Bobo and Flex’, and ‘TED Radio Hour’.

Get Ahead on Your Coursework 
What better time to dedicate yourself to really putting in the hard yards – and yeah, no, we all know that’s not going to happen, forget I said anything.

Do Some Art
Dig out those paints that have been sitting in your wardrobe since Year 10 and paint something, anything. Studies show that painting strengthens memory, as well as promoting an optimistic attitude and provides stress relief (something that I’m sure we could all do with right about now).

Watch a Broadway Show
As the old saying goes, the show must go on. Marquee TV is known among theatre-goers as the Netflix for the Arts. It’s a streaming service that’s offering the best in opera, dance and theatre. Check it out with 30 days free trial.

Yoga and Meditation
Online yoga classes are a great way to switch our minds off and get our bodies moving when we’re stuck with minimal space. There’s an endless amount of yoga lessons and meditation tutorials that can be found online. The Open Mind Space is also running a meditation session via livestream on their Facebook and Instagram starting Monday 23rd March at 7:30pm.

Spring Clean
Or rather, an Autumn clean. With so much time at home now it might be the best time to give everything a good scrub down – and that includes your devices. Now’s the time to do those updates you’ve been putting off or finally go through and clear out your emails.

Image source: cottonbro from Pexels, no changes made.

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