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Newcastle After Dark: Student Edition

Newcastle Council wants to know what students think about its Newcastle After Dark Strategy. Luckily, Keighley Bradford has all the details.

Evening exhibitions. Dinner with friends. Oh, and let’s not forget my favourite – hot chocolate by the beach after sunset.

I am certainly not your average Uni student when it comes to nights out on the town. I enjoy the simpler things, the quieter nights, and being home long before 3am rolls around. However, for most of you, I suspect your CBD adventures after dark look something a little more like…

  • Pub crawls.
  • Live gigs.
  • Clubbing.
  • Scavenger hunts.
  • Movies at the old Tower Cinemas.
  • And if you live on campus, college-related events.

We all miss the Newy nightlife and the City of Newcastle knows it. In fact, they want to hear what UON students have to say about it!

The City of Newcastle is working on improving the CBD’s nightlife with their Newcastle After Dark Strategy. The aim of the strategy is to help low-impact venues, with historically positive social impacts on the community, including the hospitality, tourism, arts and cultural industries. It is expected extending the hours of such small bars, restaurants, cinemas, and galleries will stimulate the night-time economy.

Essentially, it proposes for small bars to remain open until 2am, and restaurants until midnight. That means that Novocastrians can still grab a bite to eat or a have a drink after hitting the town, seeing a flick at Civic Cinema, or checking out one of the amazing events happening in the city.

The six-month-long trial for Newcastle After Dark is set to commence on 1st October, ending promptly on the 31st March 2021. The 26 small bars and restaurants selected for the trail include some of your faves, such as Moneypenny, Babylon, 5 Sawyers, and Coal & Cedar.

As I said before, the City of Newcastle wants to hear what UON students have to say about the proposed changes – so make sure you ‘Have Your Say’ by Wednesday 30th September, via the Newcastle After Dark survey. And, if you want to find out more about the Newcastle After Dark Strategy, or the venues participating in the trail, visit their website.

Feature Image: City of Newcastle, image cropped, used with permission.

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