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Thinking of Starting Up a Side Hustle? Read This

Considering starting a side hustle? Hollie Hughes explores what you need to know to get started.

Now we’ve all heard of the term ‘side hustle’ but what is it really?

Put simply it is just a project by which you can earn an income supplementary to another job or study load.

The uni lifestyle is flexible, has fewer hours than a full-time job, and provides multitudes of holidays; if ever you’ll have the time for a side-hustle, it’s now.

If there’s something you’re particularly good at that might provide others with some value, you should consider selling it as a product or service. This is the kind of side hustle that could even directly benefit your studies at uni or your future career.

Due the COVID-19 pandemic, many students will have more time on their hands which can provide a great opportunity to begin a side project.

Tara, a Bachelor of Communication student at UON, has started her own creative business (@d.esignedbyt on Instagram) and says having some spare time during the pandemic is what inspired her to take the plunge.

“I started to become more confident in my creative process and with the extra time that came with the pandemic, I was able to really hone my skills. I would encourage anyone who has passions or hobbies to look into turning it into a business. In our modern world, especially in a pandemic, there are no real career paths that are concrete, so I think it’s always great to have some income coming from somewhere else – especially when it is something that you love and can be passionate about!”

Kieran, a UON graduate and creator of Newcastle Candle Co (@newcastlecandleco on Instagram), says that while it is important to put time and energy into your side project, it can be difficult to keep up with your other responsibilities.

“The biggest challenge of a side hustle is keeping it a side hustle. Now I’m in a position where I need to balance my busy job and my business (that can also get quite busy.) I want to make sure I’m enjoying running my business and not feeling like I’m run off my feet with two busy jobs all the time.”

There are many benefits to a side hustle including having a new stream of income, the chance to add to your employability, and the opportunity to have a creative outlet which can be used to prevent burnout from studies. Despite this, like everything in life it’s not all positives, and starting up a business takes a lot of hard work. Tara says that to make a side hustle work you need to be able to invest in it even before you begin.

“I don’t think a lot of people understand the amount of time and funds that are required to get a little business off the ground. Luckily my PR background has helped me a lot in getting my business out there.”

In terms of tips for those wanting to start a side hustle? Kieran says that the number one thing is to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

“If you start one up, make sure you do it for the right reasons. Don’t start one just because you feel pressured because other people have started one, don’t start one to ignore university work or assignments, and don’t start one just so you can say you’re busy or to escape other commitments. When you land your first big job and kick off your career, you’ll miss that spare time you had! Start one because you want to get creative, have some fun and because you’ve got something good to offer.”

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