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Tips On Staying Cool This Summer

When you live in the Land Down Under, burning hot summers are the norm. Luckily, Leanne Elliott has some tips on staying cool.

So far it has been a pretty mild summer, which is a nice change after last year’s horrendous fires and scorching heat. But, summer has only just started, so hotter temperatures are on their way. Avoiding the midday sun is a must during the hot summers, so if you are spending time outdoors to cool off, try to do it before 11am and after 2pm. Oh, and it can be a good idea to check the UV rating before venturing out.

Beach Bums

It’s no secret that Newcastle and its surrounds boast some of the best beaches on the East coast. Bar Beach and Nobbies Beach are good for less advance swimmers as they are more sheltered than other beaches in the area. Merewether, Red Head, Dixon Park, and Stockton Beaches are great for the board riders and stronger swimmers. Further south there is Swansea, Caves Beach, and lesser-known Pelican Beach (which is located behind the Lake Macquarie airstrip) and has a delightful foreshore with amenities close by.

Stay Cool at the Pool

Newcastle has a number of public pools. The public baths next to Merewether and Newcastle Beaches have an ocean outlook with the added benefit of avoiding the whitewash and waves, but be warned, parking at these two venues can be a nightmare during peak summer season. The Bogey Hole, which was built by convicts in 1819, is also a favourite spot for dip if you are in the City area. There are also a few swim centres and pools located in Mayfield, Lambton, Charlestown, and Wallsend.

Around the House

The cheap blow-up and above ground pools sold at shops like K-Mart are a great way to cool down during summer, but they do require maintenance and can use lots of water. If you have a garden hose, yard sprinklers can be a fun way to cool down. If you want to stay cool without getting wet, make a poor man’s air-con by grabbing a face washer or a few chux cloths, rinsing them in water before sticking them in the freezer to make an icy cold neck or head wrap. Or, next time you are at the cheap shop, buy one of the spray bottles, fill it with water and whack it in the fridge.

Unless there is a cool breeze, it can also be a good idea to close up the house which should keep inside temps lower than outside.

Summer Fun

There are so many water guns on the market, right now it’s hard to choose one, but they are a super fun way to stay cool during BBQs and get-togethers, just make sure all mobile phones are stashed somewhere they won’t get wet. Water balloons are also fun but they are bad for the environment, so avoid the temptation. Another favourite summertime treat which is guaranteed to cool you down is frozen poppers, especially if you have a blender which can crush ice. And, the good old fashioned lemonade, cola, and raspberry flavoured ice blocks are a sweet way to stay cool.

Out of Town

The Hunter Valley has some gorgeous swimming holes, like Ladies Well, and a number of other beautiful spots along the Barrington, Gloucester, Manning, and Barnard Rivers. However, if you do venture out to these freshwater swimming spots, please remember freshwater is less buoyant than saltwater, so taking a flotation device is a great way to stay safe (and always remember to check for submerged objects under the water before jumping in!).

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