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The Summer Buzz – Shaving your Head to Handle the Heat

If you were looking for a sign; here it is! Shelby Hutchinson talks you through some of the fears and misconceptions when it comes to shaving your head.

Dealing with your hair in the heat of January can seem like a lot. Your head and neck are always sweating, humidity can ruin hairstyles from the moment you step outside, and having your hair up for long periods of time can potentially give you a headache.

Obviously, these are all very trivial problems, but wouldn’t life just be so much easier if we didn’t have to worry even the slightest bit about any of these issues?

There is a simple solution here; just shave it off.

It may seem easier said than done, but the benefits of having a shaved head should outweigh any fears and misconceptions you may have of rocking that bald look.

Bed Hair No More!

There is nothing special you have to do to upkeep a shaved head. You can simply roll out of bed and go on with your day, no matter the weather. You don’t have to worry about wind, rain, or humidity ruining your do.

Your hair (or lack thereof) will be soft already since it will be growing out as virgin hair, so you can skip hair masks and conditioning. You will likely be saving money from not having to buy hair products such as these, and you will never want to stop running your fingers over your beautiful, soft head.

While there’s no styling involved with a shaved head, you should still be shampooing your scalp to be rid of oil and dirt build-up, and occasionally putting sunscreen on when going outside to avoid a nasty scalp sunburn.

Constantly Cool

Rocking a buzzcut can make you look and feel so much cooler – literally! Thanks to hair being an excellent insulator and holding heat on the scalp, it can make those hot summer days sweaty and, at times, unbearable. You will notice your body feels much cooler when your head has room to breathe.

The first time you step outside with a shaved head, the first cool breeze brushing through the fuzz will feel incredible. It’s like a head massage every time you step outside, and it sends a nice cold chill through your body. Showering and going swimming is even better!

Do it for a cause! 

You never really need a reason to shave your head, but you can always take your brave decision and pair it with a charity to raise money or donate your hair to worthy causes. The Worlds Greatest Shave is the biggest and most obvious cause to take part in, and it’s never too late or too early to sign up! All the money goes to the Leukemia Foundation, and they have even joined with Sustainable Salons to allow participants to donate their hair to create wigs for cancer patients, compost, and floating booms to soak up oil in the ocean.

The Greatest Shave happens in March this year, but you can raise money at any time by shaving your head through other charities such as the Cancer Council, Australian Cancer Research and many more. You can also choose to donate your hair to charities such as Variety and Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation, just be sure your hair meets their requirements as some foundations won’t accept dyed or permed hair.

Personal Empowerment

Regardless of your gender, shaving your head can feel incredibly liberating. You might find it exciting to use the act of shaving your head as a metaphor for your own life. It can represent some recent big changes in your life, the overcoming of obstacles, or moving on to a new phase in life. You can create a look that best represents the current phase of your life journey in the boldest way possible.


The downsides of having a shaved head are fairly trivial ones. For starters, you are going to have a lot of people wanting to rub your bald head; even strangers. You might get some people who are polite enough to ask, but some will just go for it. Just be cautious.

The ‘awkward’ stage of growing your hair back out if you decide to do so is no myth. There will be moments where your hair will grow ‘weird’ and it may seem like forever until it becomes a ‘normal’ length again. You just have to push through. Maybe try a new and exciting hair colour, or wear a cool hat.

You will most likely be compared to bald characters or celebrities primarily based on your haircut and nothing else. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You could even use it to your advantage for Halloween or party costumes.

Now it’s up to you to outweigh the pros and cons, and decide whether to take the plunge and be rid of your luscious locks. Remember: It can always grow back!

Feature Image: Madelyn Gardiner, Yak Media Designer

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