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Styling for a Small Space

Struggling to make yourself at home in your new space. Charlotte Lloyd goes through some simple tips and tricks that can make all the difference in loving where you live!

One of the biggest challenges I found when moving out of home, and especially into such a small space on college, was styling it the way I wanted to and make it comfortable and somewhere I would want to be. There are so many people that say they don’t put the effort into their room. I mean what’s the point right? You hardly spend anytime there, only at night, so they choose to use the investment on something else. Which is fine, by all means, but only when you’re travelling and always on the go because that is when I honestly wouldn’t care where my head hits the pillow. But in my space, a new apartment, house, room, whatever it may be, investing in making it the best and most comfortable space is a top priority for me. It can be hard to make it ‘cosy’ without being ‘cramped’, so I have listed some things which have helped me in styling for a small space, and, some tips that could help you and your room become their best possible version.

The use of light, both natural and otherwise

One of the main things, whether it be on the walls or on your furniture, is that dark colours increase the chance of your space looking cramped and squashed, which is what we want to avoid at all costs…unless this is the look you’re going for. Colours such as; browns, blacks, and dark blues swallow up the space as well as the light. Colours that would be better options for limited space are lighter tones both on your furniture and your interiors. Whites, beiges, grey, and pastel colours are more inviting as well as making your space look fuller and attracting more light. While artificial light like ceiling lights is necessary for every house, the use of natural light is one of the easiest ways to create a bigger space without literally creating a bigger space. Artificial lights like ceiling lights have a yellow hue which often leaves shadows across the room whereas a cool light through the windows or doors enhances the beauty of the space.

Mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors

I’m not trying to seem vain but mirrors are one of the best ways to make your room give off the illusion of more space, despite the fact it doesn’t. Hanging mirrors are a great way to keep the openers of the room without taking up too much space or effort. Minimised space, exactly like the one I was in on college or something similar is a prime example of a space, or apartment, that benefits greatly from one or more mirrors. Mirrors also give off light, which minimises the need to use artificial light. Also, you can free up floor space, as mirrors can be hung from a wide variety of areas and come in countless shapes and sizes.

The Bigger the Better…or maybe not

A lot of people say furniture often looks better when it’s bigger. The bigger the better right? Wrong! In terms of a small space, when the paired furniture is largely oversized compared to the space of the room this closes off the room and leaves little area for open space. It also gives the impression that the room is actually smaller than it is. Also, keep furniture with legs, like a table, free of clutter building up underneath, as this gives way to the feeling of your space being much bigger than you had once thought and can make your space flow better. Some pieces such as coffee tables and desks also can open up an area If their top surface is rounded and potentially transparent. This also means that the cornered off edges of a normal coffee table or desk which would usually take up space, but are now rounded, this solves the problem.

I hope these tips have helped you in making the most out of your space and designing it to suit your style. Making your bedroom, apartment, or space comfortable is super important in making sure you want to spend time there and it’s not just making it a second thought. I am a big believer in making where you live somewhere you want to spend time and this means that putting effort in is super imperative. So head to Kmart, spend money on a much-needed homewares haul, and get styling!

Feature Image: Photo by Ashley Byrd on Unsplash

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