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Shelby Hutchinson discusses the joys of Makerspace and all the opportunities within the space that you can take advantage of!

Makerspace, located in the heart of the Architecture precinct on the Callaghan campus, is a creative hub for creators, tinkerers, and inventors to work on and share ideas and collaborate with other like-minded people.

You’ve probably caught the big, red Makerspace building in your travels around campus, and you’ve wondered what goes on in there; you may have even wanted to go in and find out. First years and those who want to take advantage of returning to campus should definitely visit the space.

The building is open to anyone who gains swipe card access, which you can do right here. Once you’re in, the space offers workspaces that have been designed to imitate real working environments, alongside industry technology. The technology available to use includes sowing machines (for inspiration, we have a guide on how to make your own facemask right here), electrical components and tools, soldering stations and computers.

For those who undertake the proper induction and training can make use of the 3D printers, which can be used for making models for potential projects and designs.

If you don’t know how to use the machines and tools, or you’re simply struggling to find inspiration, there’s no need to worry! The space is rich with opportunities to meet highly skilled students and staff, giving you the chance to learn from them or collaborate with them. It’s an environment to make lasting connections with people of like minds, to share and exchange ideas. Meeting and collaborating with people is highly encouraged; you never know what you might create!

The joys of Makerspace are not exclusive to Callaghan; there’s a Makerspace at the University House building at NuSpace, and very soon at the shiny new Honeysuckle campus opening later this year!

If you’re looking to pick up a new skill, or finally bring all of your ideas and inventions into reality, come on down to Makerspace!

Feature Image by Shelby Hutchinson, Yak Staff Writer

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