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Podcasting has become the latest entertainment craze and you can bet that UoN students have jumped aboard this new trend. Laura Rumbel tells us about how you can listen to these UoN podcasts today.

The UoN Crim Podcast: 

If crime is your go-to genre then the ‘UoN Crim Podcast’ is the one for you. The UoN’s Criminology and Criminal Justice Society has so far produced one season which explores social justice issues in society. Topics including the royal commission into institutional child sexual abuse, women and the courts, clandestine gravesites, social media, and police accountability have all been uncovered by ‘UoN’s Crim Podcast.’

Host of the upcoming second season of the ‘UoN Crim Podcast’, and psychology and criminology student, Isabella Crebert will be indulging in how the criminal mind works. Topic areas that Isabella will be exploring include, psychopaths, sociopaths, pedophilia, arsonists, eyewitness memory, and the role of a forensic psychologist within the prison system. So far, guests such as PhD student Victoria Berezowski, and PhD student in Forensic Psychology Hayley Cullen, have both been guest speakers on the podcast. There are big plans in the making for the UoN Criminology and Criminal Justice Society, with hopes to host a live recording of the podcast later on in the year.

“Anyone can join the Criminology society and we’d loved to get as many people involved as we can,” said Isabella.

The ‘UoN Crim Podcast’ is uploaded to streaming platforms including Spotify, Podbean, and Anchor every two weeks, or you can follow the link provided on the UoN’s Criminology and Criminal Justice Society’s Instagram and Facebook platforms.

Politics in a Podcast: 

If crime podcasts don’t appeal to you, then maybe ‘Politics in a Podcast’ will. Originally, run as a Q&A style event at the Stag and Hunter Hotel in Mayfield, host and UoN student Peter Hooker adjusted to the restrictions of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, and turned Politics in the Pub into a podcast.

Listeners of the podcast are introduced to speakers from advocacy groups, Labor and Liberal state members, and members of the union who speak about their personal knowledge and experience in politics. ‘Politics in a Podcast’ has explored topic areas such as Indigenous Affairs and Scott Morrison’s crisis management. The podcast, however, isn’t limited to just Australian politics, with episode 3 of the ‘Politics in a Podcast’ unleashing into politics surrounding the US Election.

Uploaded once a month, ‘Politics in a Podcast’ can be accessed on the streaming service Anchor. Listeners are encouraged to stay tuned for the latest episode of ‘Politics in a Podcast’, where Peter will be discussing women in politics, which will be uploaded by the end of this month.

Our Human Experience Podcast: 

The newest out of the three UoN podcasts is a podcast from the School of Humanities and Social Science which examines what it means to be human. The ‘Our Human Experience’ podcast series explores important questions about humanity, society, and current events. Members of the ‘Our Human Experience’ podcast team encourage individuals to join them for engaging conversations with the humanities and social science scholars who are helping to improve the human experience through research.

The podcast is available on Spotify, or the link is available on the ‘Our Human Experience’ Facebook page and episodes will be released on a monthly basis.

You can also follow their research on their Instagram page.

Feature Image: Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash, no changes made. 


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