It’s getting colder, thankfully dancing keeps you warm. Phoebe Metcalfe has listed some of her favourite live music venues in Newcastle and their May music calendars.

Newcastle is notorious for producing music, it was the OG Byron Bay for the Aussie music scene. Before the lockout laws were implemented in 2008 our live music scene was absolutely thriving, we gave the world Silverchair!

After the blow that COVID was to the music industry, and now that lockout laws are easing in some venues, so we need to support our small scene as much as we can.

Here are a few of my favourite live music places that may have subverted you while watching gigs at the Cambo or Queen’s Warf.

May Music Calendar (venues listed least to most expensive):

The Lass O’Gowrie (The Lass)

7th May Lu Quade and the Happy Accidents + Photo of the Moon

8th May Rej Lee Fight Club & Yev Kassem

14th May The Real James Ryan Band & Pikou Panez

More free Lass shows to come.


Rogue Scholar Brewing

Open Mic Every Thurs Night!

7th May Daxton Monaghan

8th May Simon Stewart

9th May Trip Fandino

14th May Daniel March

More free Rouge shows to come.


Stag and Hunter

7th May Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys

8th May Daddy Longlegs & The Swamp Donkeys

14th May Dave Graney and Clare Moore

15th May Corey Legge

21st May Melody Pool

22nd May SongTellers Ft The Marvellous Hearts and Rory Ellis

28th May Claude Hay & the Kung Fu Mustard

*29th May Dave the Band (started their live career playing at Bar on the Hill, Callaghan)



(a literal dinner and show deal)

6th May Felicity Urquhart and Josh Cunningham

7th May Holding Back the Years: The Music of Simply Red

8th May Bruce Mathiske

*9th May Wendy Matthews – Lunch

*9th May Wendy Matthews – Dinner

11th May Whitebridge High Music Showcase

13th May The Grigoryan Brothers

14th May Dancin’ in the Shadows of Motown

*15th May Ben Lee (that’s the *catch my disease* guy from 2005….you know…*so pleeeeeeeaaaaassseeee, baby please*)

16th May Patrick McMahon and Fahrenheit – Lunch

*16th May Ben Lee – Dinner

19th May Live N Local

20th May John Waters The John Lennon Songbook with The Mersey String Quartet

21st May Steve Balbi

22nd May Rocket Man vs Piano Man by Lance Strauss and Jimmy Mann (all the hits of Elton John and Billy Joel)

23rd May Daryl Aberhart – Lunch

*23rd May Backsliders – Dinner

26th May Live N Local

27th May Jade MacRae

*30th May James Morrison – Lunch

*If you’re going to spend your money on an event, these are the well-known artists visiting Newcastle that I’d recommend.

Have you found a little live music venue in Newcastle you want us to know about? Comment below or DM us on Instagram!

Feature Image by Glenn van de Wiel via Unsplash

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