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Top 5 Free Games

Who doesn’t love games, especially when they are fun and free. Jordon Regnis reviews five free games for your download pleasure.

Stone Miner 

This game is simple, but highly satisfying. It involves driving around an island on a mobile digger with spikes, breaking up, and collecting separate ores and minerals. These can then be sold for money, which is needed to upgrade your machine and to better prepare for each new island. Every new island presents a stronger and rarer ore which takes longer to mine through. If you are to progress you will need to increase the speed of your vehicle, the number of spikes it has, their size, and the capacity of the vehicle. I play this game with the volume on, as you get the satisfaction of the ocean breeze and the sounds of breaking up blocks.

Text or Die

If you enjoy playing trivia games with added risk, then this is the game for you. Text or die connects you with players from around the world, in a contest to type out the longest answers to questions. The winner is whoever outlasts the other opponents for the longest time. Each letter of a word is worth one point or block. You use these blocks to build a tower tall enough to stay above the rising sea level and avoid being eaten by the sharks. In many ways, this game is a similar take on the quiz show The Chase.


A twist on traditional sudoku, this puzzle game uses a 9×9 board with unnumbered wooden blocks that are joined together in different shapes. Using these separate blocks, you can drag them onto the grid, and earn points by filling an entire row on the grid with blocks running upwards or sideways. You lose when there is no space left on the grid to place any more blocks. There is no time limit and an added bonus is the ability to play this game offline. This is a game that also won’t take up a large amount of space on your device. Strive to earn as many points as possible to beat your high score.

Water Sort Puzzle

This game aims to sort coloured water into separate glasses until each one is filled with a single colour. You can only pour coloured water into a glass where there is enough space, and it already has the same colour, or it is empty. Each new level presents more glasses and separate colours. Like Woodoku, there is no time limit, meaning you can play this game at any speed, without feeling pressured. You are also able to restart the level and undo a move you made if you get stuck.

Bridge Race

This game involves competing with others to collect blocks linked to your colour and build a bridge across the water to land. You can run into others with fewer blocks, which will make theirs fall onto the ground. One key element of this game is to prevent others from building on your bridge. As the game progresses the distance between yourself and the land on the other side increases. Meaning you will have to collect more blocks and do it quickly. There is also a leader board, meaning you can weigh your score up against others from abroad.

Image by Aline Viana Prado via Pexels, cropped.

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