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Women to the Front for International Women’s Day 2022

Thirteen women graced the stage with their talent at Bar on the Hill for International Women’s Day yesterday. Zara Handscomb gives you a run-down of the event in case you missed out. 


“It’s a good day, I feel like every day should be international women’s day, this is just a good day to acknowledge it, right?” says performer Piper Rodrigues.


International Women’s Day, Piper speaks sense in saying that it should be every day. However, there is still a disparity for women in the music and entertainment industry. So on this particular day, if you stumbled across Bar on the Hill, you may have witnessed breathtaking talent at UoN’s Women to the Front event. Seven acts from seven astounding performers, each unique and individual.



Pictured: Millie Mills performing with her acoustic guitar

Millie Mills, a fresh face at UoN, opened the night with an acoustic set. Accompanied simply by piano and later acoustic guitar. A stunning voice that embodies deep emotions you can feel as her melodies soar.


Pictured: Regina Kamanda performing for Women to the Front


A five-piece, neo-soul/reggae experience. Their tunes are so groovy you can’t help but to sway your body. Regikay performed a set of original songs and a smooth cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s ‘Put Your Records on’.




Pictured: Maeve Grant, Ella Day and Nina Samson from M.E.N.

“Slightly tongue in cheek,” paraphrased from host Maeve Grant. Maeve, Ella and Nina sing three-part harmonies, all while mastering their respective instruments with a chilled, jazzy and very fun sound. The trio hit harmonies so hot, they could melt you into a gooey ball of warmth and loveliness.


Pictured: Maeve Grant of M.E.N






Pictured: Artist Abbi Yeo


Steel City’s hottest 100 winner Abbi Yeo made her debut with her band last night. Abbi performed originals and finished off with a cover of Barracuda so good, you would have thought HEART was there.





Pictured: Singer/Songwriter Piper Rodrigues

Piper Rodrigues delivered her dark and hauntingly beautiful melodies as a powerhouse frontwoman. Her set was so strong, you’d never have guessed her band was called in last minute the night before the show.



Pictured: India Jazz

Bringing tight jazz with some edge to the stage, reminiscent of Haitus Kaiyote. India Jazz made her debut with an all-star band. Ending with a highlight India performed her new single Dang! which was released the same day.




There was no better way to end Women to the Front than with 2020 UON DJ Comp Winner, Smillz. She picked the audience up at the end of the night. Remixing songs from various genres such as Seven Nation Army, Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It, and Ain’t your Girl.






Feature Image and Articles Images: by Ash Naylor Photo

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