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CHOP – ‘Triple J Unearthed High’ Zoom Interview

Newcastle metal band CHOP debuted their first single ‘Freedom’ in the Triple J Unearthed High ...
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Megan Core – ‘Lost in Mayfield’ Interview

Phoebe Metcalfe joined new solo artist Megan Core for a cuppa and a chat about ...
Yak TV

What Are Academics?

What is an Academic? What do they do? Who does the thesis? Why am the ...
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Getting to know Gretta Ray

Ahead of UON's Live on the Lawn Festival, Monique Aganovic talks to featured artist Gretta ...
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Interview with Stuart McBratney – Director of ‘Pop-Up’

Local filmmaker and PhD candidate Stuart McBratney’s latest project is the movie Pop-Up, a triptych ...
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Talking to Ball Park Music

Dynamic Brisbane rockers Ball Park Music are set to take the Bar on the Hill stage this ...
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Shelby Clements goes one-on-one with John Beardman Jr. ahead of The Beards’ visit to Bar ...
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Chatting with Pluto Jonze

Pluto Jonze speaks about hanging out with Bluejuice and his new upcoming new album.
Uni Life

Tips to nailing that job interview

This week on Yak TV we look into tips on how to ace the interview ...
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Working for The Holidays

Jasmine Burke speaks to Simon Jones, front man of The Holidays, about what they have ...