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Talking to Ball Park Music

Dynamic Brisbane rockers Ball Park Music are set to take the Bar on the Hill stage this Thursday. Jasmine Burke chats to frontman Sam Cromack ahead of the gig.


Hailing from sunny Brisbane, Ball Park Music has become a huge success since their debut in 2008. Gaining attention from the likes of Triple J early on, they broke out into the Australian music scene with full force and are now playing at some of Australia’s largest festivals and touring with big acts like Boy and Bear. Talking to front man Sam Cromack, I got the low-down on all things Ball Park Music.

On the topic of how they first started out, Sam notes the band was lucky enough to get songs on Triple J reasonably early, which helped get their sound out there beyond Brisbane.

“We faced the same challenges all young bands face with having to stay persistent and work towards our goals. You get to make a few lucky breaks early on and that really sets the course for where you’re going. It all started to grow really nicely,” Sam said. “You’ve still got to work hard and produce good quality songs and good quality live music to keep moving ahead.”

A full schedule over the past six years of writing, recording and touring for these guys and gal has seen them grow as a band, changing up their production means and creating a unique sound of their own. With the first few years of their career spent working and touring non-stop, the nine months last year dedicated to writing their third album, Puddinghead, was a change of pace for the young artists.

“It was nice to do. There was less distraction so the procedure of chipping away at the record for a longer period of time was a big change for us. It was a huge learning experience producing everything ourselves,” Sam said.

With three albums under their belts, the band has just signed with Embassy of Music, described by Sam as “a non-dance component of Ministry of Sound”. Excited to have correspondence from Europe and for people around the world to get their hands on Ball Park’s music, the band will be performing two weeks worth of shows overseas after their Australian tour this year.

For those of you lucky enough to attend Splendour in the Grass this year – and for those of you who weren’t – you probably remember Ball Park’s Bohemian Rhapsody cover, recognised as a highlight of the entire festival. Already known for chucking this timeless classic into their sets during April and May, the cover went down a treat at Splendour. While they have no plans to continue performing the song, Sam said doing the cover at such a large festival was nothing short of exciting.

“It was something we joked about all the time, all laughing at the idea because it seemed so ridiculous to cover such a bombastic song. Then one day we got the sheet music for it and started playing it. I think we have performed it about 30 times now.”

Talking about goals and aspirations, Sam admitted there were a few little rock star ambitions they wanted to fulfill and that a lot of them have already been achieved.

I think a lot of musicians want to have the opportunity to play at big festivals like Splendour in the Grass, going on tour and recording your own album,” he said. “Things that you always fantasise about during your youth. We’ve managed to do all those things so it’s an interesting place to be these days – you have to kind of reset what your goals are and what you’re trying to achieve as a musician.”

Ball Park Music is hitting the Bar on the Hill stage this Thursday 26 September, with support from Millions and Pluto Jonze. With a few exciting things to expect, like sequins, disco balls and free 3D glasses (they took the piss telling everyone their show would be in 3D), it’s sure to be a cool night.

Tickets are available now from Bar on the Hill, Godfrey Tanner Bar and online via Big Tix.
U Members: $36.50 | UoN Students: $39.00 | GA: $42.50

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