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The personalities you’ll meet in a share house

House sharing has countless benefits; it’s more affordable, helps you to get to know people ...
Uni Life

On-Campus v Off-Campus

Thomas Birch investigates that age-old question; should you live on or off campus? There is ...
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Mistakes we all make in a share house

Sarah Webb is sure you can relate to all the mistakes she made during her first ...
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Where to live at UON

Thinking about staying near the Uni next year? Let Sahib and Annabelle help you out.
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The Lost Londoner… Part Two

Sarah Webb reflects on her first week in London and wonders how on earth she got ...
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The Lost Londoner… Part One

Sarah Webb invites you to take a peek into her travel journal as she gets (hopelessly) ...
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How going ‘op-chic’ and donating thoughtfully pays off

Sarah Webb turns back the clock in fashion and learns that there’s a sense of responsibility when ...
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Five tips to living in a share house

Jackson Langford dishes all you need to know about share house living. From the moment ...