Uni Life

Types of People Living on Campus

the Veteran

The Veteran

  • Loyal
  • A fountain of knowledge
  • Very patriotic

This is the resident who has lived on campus for over two years and loves the on-college lifestyle. They are destined to be the President of their college someday and will go out of their way to say why their college is the best. They know how to have a good time, and they own every piece of their college’s merch.


The Fresher

The Fresher

  • New kid on the block
  • Excited
  • Fresh

Young and fresh-faced, the Fresher is keen to start their uni experience living on college. They have had O-Week marked in their calendar way before their uni timetable was released and are keen to make new friends and have the time of their life.



The Parent

The Parent

  • Caring
  • Will look after anyone and everyone

This person is basically the parent of their college. If you need bread or a mixer, they’ve got you. If you’re feeling homesick, they make sure you’re okay and will be your shoulder to cry on. They will always clean their dishes and if you’re lucky they’ll do yours too. They are too good for this world.



The Bookworm

  • Will not get anything below a distinction
  • Has notes for everything
  • Smart

This resident is here to get their degree and get out. They are desperate to get good marks and are not really here to party (but may have time for a cheeky drink now and again). They’re the person you go to if you can’t figure out anything uni-related.


The Phantom

The Phantom

  • You never see them, but you know they’re there
  • Keeps to themselves
  • The quietest human to have ever lived

This is the person who you may live with, but you never see them. You know they’re there because there’s food on their shelf in the fridge, dishes in the sink and their stuff in the bathroom, but you just never bump into them. If you do by chance see them it’s basically like seeing a unicorn, and you will feel special and blessed for the rest of the day.


Party Animal

The Party Animal

  • Just here for a good time
  • Loves a Thursday night at the Jeso
  • Always has dibs on the aux cord

This resident may be here attending uni but they’re really here to party. They go out on a Thursday night religiously and you never really see them in the light of day. They know every chant and every game and are always up for having a good time.



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