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Student Media: Surviving COVID-19

The recent disruption has brought with it many changes. Keighley Bradford explores how student media ...
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Yak goes independent: 2020 and beyond

Yak is back, but it is different. Elizabeth Symington gives you a rundown of what’s ...
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UON Scavenger Hunt

Much like young Jim set sail on a great adventure to find treasure island, Alex ...
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Yak Gets Fit

YAK is here to show you how to get off that Netflix and into the ...
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Volunteering at UON

Volunteering is one of the best ways to get experience in a job you want, ...
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DiG Festival: Looking at Innovation

Aisling Philippa basks in the creativity from the weekend’s DiG Festival. Walking into Newcastle’s City ...
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Yak Magazine August 2014

Written by students, for UoN students, this month's issue of Yak Mag covers gender change, ...

Fresh Air: Coming to a university near you

Amy Theodore explains why you'll be seeing less people lighting up around campus.
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Yak Magazine May 2014

This month, Yak Magazine presents the Health Issue, covering topics like harm minimisation, a smoke-free ...